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Power Rankings: Cowboys begin season in 6-10 range


Everyone loves rankings, even if they don't always matter to the grand scheme of the NFL, which uses a formulated playoff system for the postseason.

Still, it's always fun to see how the teams stack up. Each week, we'll scan a variety of Power Rankings from some of the biggest media outlets to see how the Cowboys stack up against the rest of the league.

ESPN: 1.) Kansas City 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Cincinnati 4.) San Francisco 5.) Buffalo 6.) Miami

7.) Dallas Cowboys – "This is nothing new, of course. McCarthy has not had much of a honeymoon, and even winning 24 games in the past two years has not earned him much grace. But now that he is taking over as the playcaller, he will be under even more scrutiny. If the numbers falter and the wins don't continue, there will be heat on McCarthy even if the organization publicly backs him.– Todd Archer 1.) Kansas City 2.) Philadelphia 3.) San Francisco 4.) Cincinnati 5.) Buffalo

6.) Dallas Cowboys – "Is it possible Micah Parsons has another level to reach as a defender? With seemingly each passing day, there's mention of Parsons doing something ridiculous in Cowboys camp, and it begs the question of whether the first-team All-Pro linebacker can add more layers to his game. Head coach Mike McCarthy even scolded Parsons for violating the camp moratorium on hitting quarterbacks, and not just camp arms – we're talking Dak Prescott, too. Parsons has reached the 13-sack threshold in both of his NFL seasons, so the bar is high. But it just feels like we're about to witness an Aaron Donald-like impact from Parsons in 2023, even if he hasn't been too far off from that already." – Eric Edholm : 1.) Kansas City 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Cincinnati 4.) Buffalo 5.) San Francisco 6.) Baltimore 7.) NY Jets

8.) Dallas Cowboys – "If not now, when? That's the question I keep coming back to with this Cowboys team. They added to both sides of the ball by trading for Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore. They're bringing back all their stars. They have a veteran coach, a veteran quarterback and not much in the way of excuses. If Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy can't find a way over the hump this year, it's hard to imagine when it'll happen." – David Helman

CBS Sports: 1.) Kansas City 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Buffalo 4.) Cincinnati 5.) San Francisco 6.) Jacksonville 7.) NY Jets 8.) Baltimore 9.) Cleveland

10.) Dallas Cowboys – "This is the pressure year for Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy. The pressure is on both in a big way. Will Prescott handle it in big games? If he doesn't, there will be changes next season." – Pete Prisco

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