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Videos - December 2017

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2017-12-01 Ryan Switzer: On Punt Return TD "It's Fun To Make Plays"
2017-12-01 Primer Vistazo: Los Cowboys siguen luchando para los playoffs
2017-12-01 Hangin' w/ Talkin' Cowboys Break: The #WASvsDAL Win
2017-12-01 Cadena de Plata: Switzer anota su primer touchdown
2017-12-01 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech After Week 13 Win
2017-12-01 La vela del 2017 sigue prendida para los Cowboys
2017-12-01 Cover 4: Good Vibes Again
2017-12-02 Plan de Juego: Los Cowboys no se han dado por vencidos
2017-12-02 Special Edition: That's The Blueprint!
2017-12-02 Jason Garrett Show: Keep Playing!
2017-12-02 A Football Life: Jerry Jones
2017-12-04 Hangin' w/ Talkin' Cowboys Break: On To #DALvsNYG
2017-12-04 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 13 vs Washington
2017-12-04 DCC Podcast: Rachel & Tasha
2017-12-04 Quick Snap: Finally Back On Track
2017-12-04 Garrett: Thoughts After Watching Week 13 Film
2017-12-04 Cover 4: Playoffs Still Possible?!
2017-12-05 Cowboys This Morning: December 5th
2017-12-05 Cowboys Break: An Update On The NFC
2017-12-05 Talkin' Cowboys: Setting Sights On New York
2017-12-05 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 12/5/17
2017-12-05 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Fan Tuesday Returns
2017-12-05 Análisis de Juego: Dak y Dez por fin conectan
2017-12-05 Kavon Frazier: Getting Reps At Safety; On To NY
2017-12-06 Cowboy This Morning: December 6th
2017-12-06 Cowboys Hour: Tyron Smith
2017-12-06 Garrett: Injury Updates; NYG Prep Begins
2017-12-06 Talkin' Cowboys: Facing The New-Look Giants
2017-12-06 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Stopping NY's Front 4
2017-12-06 Cowboys Insider: 4th Quarter of the Season
2017-12-06 Anthony Hitchens: "Just Trying To Be 1-0 Every Week"
2017-12-06 Cowboys Bring Holiday Cheer To Local Hospitals
2017-12-06 Dak Prescott: "The Playoffs Start Now...Simple As That."
2017-12-06 Brice Butler: Worried About Hyped-Up Giants?
2017-12-06 Cover 4: Looking Around The League
2017-12-07 Cowboys Break: Need More Playmakers?
2017-12-07 Garrett: On Bad Weather Prep; Player Safety; More
2017-12-07 Throwback: Garrett Named Interim Coach; Bizarre Win in '10
2017-12-07 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Is The NFL Too Soft?
2017-12-07 Marinelli: On Rookie Secondary; Targeting Rule; More
2017-12-07 Alfred Morris: Giants Memories; Being The Go-To RB
2017-12-07 Jourdan Lewis: "It's A Big Game Regardless Of Records"
2017-12-07 DeMarcus Lawrence: "It's An 11-Man Game. Period."
2017-12-07 Plan de Juego: Cowboys se preparan para enfrentar a los Giants
2017-12-07 Witten: "We Know We Need To Get To 10 Wins"
2017-12-08 Cowboys This Morning: December 8th
2017-12-08 Los Vaqueros entrando a la recta final del 2017 en busca de un pase
2017-12-08 Garrett: Final Prep For New York
2017-12-08 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Giants Talk w/ Broaddus
2017-12-08 Talkin' Cowboys: What To Expect For #DALvsNYG
2017-12-08 Blueprint: Players To Watch & Keys To Victory In NY
2017-12-08 NFL Football Families: Letters From Jerry
2017-12-08 Special Edition: Playoffs Start Now
2017-12-08 Cover 4: Dangerous Giants
2017-12-08 Dallas Cowboys Christmas Hospital Visits: 2017
2017-12-10 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 14 - Cowboys vs. Giants
2017-12-10 Rod Smith's Top 5 Plays @ Giants 12/10/17
2017-12-10 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 12/10/17 @ NYG
2017-12-10 Zack Martin: Rod Smith's Journey; Dak's Leadership
2017-12-10 Cole Beasley: On Big 54-Yard Catch; Playoff Hopes
2017-12-10 Jason Witten: On Big Team Win In NY "It Takes Everybody"
2017-12-10 Primer Vistazo: Dallas dominó y selló victoria en el último 4to
2017-12-11 DeMarcus Lawrence: Goes Off On Refs "Do Your Job"
2017-12-11 Cowboys This Morning: December 11th
2017-12-11 Cowboys Break: Standouts From #DALvsNYG
2017-12-11 Cadena de Plata: Anotación de Rod Smith ante los Giants
2017-12-11 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Playoffs Still Alive?
2017-12-11 Garrett: Thoughts After Watching NYG Film
2017-12-11 Cover 4: Celebrating A Giant #VictoryMonday
2017-12-12 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 14 vs NY Giants
2017-12-12 Talkin' Cowboys: Odds To Make The Postseason?
2017-12-12 Cowboys Hour: La'el Collins & Maliek Collins
2017-12-12 Brice Butler: Excited To Face Former Team In Oakland
2017-12-12 Chidobe Awuzie: On Progress Of Rookie DBs
2017-12-12 Table Talk: Every Game is a Playoff Game
2017-12-13 Cowboys Break: Scouting The Raiders Offense
2017-12-13 Garrett: Prep For Oakland Begins
2017-12-13 Talkin' Cowboys: Looking Ahead To Oakland
2017-12-13 Cowboys Insider: One Game at a Time
2017-12-13 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Dallas O vs. Oakland D
2017-12-13 Dak Prescott: Focused On Raiders; Willingness To Run
2017-12-13 Benson Mayowa: Former Raider Talks Facing Old Team
2017-12-13 #AskTheBoys: Which Free Agent Stays In Dallas?
2017-12-14 Cowboys This Morning: December 14th
2017-12-14 Cowboys Break: Biggest Position Of Need?
2017-12-14 Garrett: Facing The Raiders; Injury Report
2017-12-14 'Sound FX': Dak Prescott Mic'd Up vs. Giants
2017-12-14 Talkin' Cowboys: Previewing Raiders Matchups
2017-12-14 Dallas Cowboys Legends Radio Show: Charlie Waters
2017-12-14 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Chief Brown Stops By
2017-12-14 Witten: Dak's Growth Without Zeke; OAK Prep
2017-12-14 Know Más: Chido & Lewis Compete in a Taco Test
2017-12-14 Lawrence & Marinelli: Fined For Criticizing Refs?
2017-12-14 Rod Marinelli: Impact Of Lee's Return; Defending OAK
2017-12-14 Scott Linehan: Building Offensive Momentum; Rod Smith's Rise
2017-12-14 Alfred Morris: "It's On Us" To Finish Season Strong
2017-12-15 Garrett: Final Prep For Oakland
2017-12-15 Cowboys Break: Week 15 Predictions
2017-12-15 Cowboys This Morning: December 15th
2017-12-15 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Writers Roundtable
2017-12-15 Especial de Una Hora Somos Cowboys en plena recta final del 2017
2017-12-15 Jason Garrett Show: Make A Play!
2017-12-15 Plan de Juego: Cowboys se preparan para duelo contra los Raiders
2017-12-15 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 12/15/17
2017-12-15 Sean Lee: DeMarcus Lawrence Is "All-Pro Defensive MVP"
2017-12-15 Special Edition: Have To Earn It!
2017-12-15 Cover 4: Off to Oakland
2017-12-17 First Word: Cowboys Stay Alive In Oakland
2017-12-17 Jeff Heath Forces Fumble On Final Play In OAK
2017-12-17 Jason Witten: "We're Still In It...That's All That Matters"
2017-12-17 Referee Uses Index Card To Measure First Down
2017-12-17 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 15 - Cowboys vs. Raiders
2017-12-17 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 12/17/17 @ OAK
2017-12-17 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 12/17/17 @ OAK
2017-12-17 Jerry Jones: Reacting To Big Win in Oakland
2017-12-17 Cowboys Game Night: Week 15
2017-12-18 Jeff Heath: Breaking Down Game-Ending Fumble
2017-12-18 Dez Bryant: Excited About Win & Zeke's Return
2017-12-18 Post Game Show: Week 15
2017-12-18 2 For The Road: Nate & Broaddus Talk #DALvsOAK
2017-12-18 Talkin' Cowboys Break: Ups & Downs In Oakland
2017-12-18 DCC Podcast: Keyra & Selina
2017-12-18 Garrett: Thoughts After Watching Raiders Film
2017-12-19 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 12/19/17
2017-12-19 Talkin' Cowboys: Zeke Is Back!
2017-12-19 Cowboys Break: Wrapping Up Week 15
2017-12-19 Cadena de Plata: El gran engaño de Chris Jones
2017-12-19 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Another Fan Call Tuesday
2017-12-19 Análisis de Juego: Jugadas en la zona roja
2017-12-19 Film Room: Jones' Fake Punt; Heath's Game Ender
2017-12-19 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 15 vs Oakland
2017-12-19 DeMarcus Lawrence: On Making First Pro Bowl
2017-12-19 Cover 4: Bringing Back #TurnUpTuesday
2017-12-19 EXCLUSIVE: Ezekiel Elliott's First Interview After Suspension
2017-12-20 Cowboys Hour: Jason Witten
2017-12-20 Cowboys Break: Scouting The Seahawks Offense
2017-12-20 Garrett: On Elliott's Return; Seattle Prep
2017-12-20 Talkin' Cowboys: Pro Bowl Selections; Zeke News
2017-12-20 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Legion Still Booming?
2017-12-20 Dak Prescott: Getting Zeke Back; What Is A Catch?
2017-12-20 Travis Frederick: Making 4th Pro Bowl; Most Underrated Teammate?
2017-12-20 DeMarcus Lawrence: What Zeke Brings; Crawford's Value
2017-12-20 Zack Martin: On Pro Bowl "It's A Goal Every Year"
2017-12-20 Cover 4: Top 5 Zeke Moments
2017-12-21 Cowboys This Morning: December 21st
2017-12-21 Cowboys Insider: No Style Points
2017-12-21 Garrett: Injury Updates & More Seattle Prep
2017-12-21 Talkin' Cowboys: Facing the Seahawks Defense
2017-12-21 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Nate's Birthday Special
2017-12-21 Scott Linehan: "You Can't Replace A Guy Like Zeke"
2017-12-21 Jason Witten: Elliott's Return; Props to Zack Martin
2017-12-22 Cowboys This Morning: December 22nd
2017-12-22 Cover 4: We're In The Spirit
2017-12-22 Cowboys Break: Week 16 Crazy Predictions
2017-12-22 Garrett: Final Prep For Hosting The Seahawks
2017-12-22 Sean Lee: Props To Russell Wilson; Best Xmas Gift?
2017-12-22 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Seattle Talk w/ Broaddus
2017-12-22 Talkin' Cowboys: What To Expect For #SEAvsDAL
2017-12-22 Dallas Cowboys Legend Show: Weekend With Jerry Jones
2017-12-22 #CowboysNation Video Series: The Faces of #CowboysNation
2017-12-22 Special Edition: Good to get Lucky
2017-12-22 Cowboys Christmas Q & A
2017-12-24 Pregame Live: #DALvsSEA
2017-12-24 Halftime LIVE #DALvsSEA
2017-12-24 First Word: Playoff Hopes End On Xmas Eve
2017-12-24 Jason Witten: Emotional After Playoff Elimination
2017-12-24 Ezekiel Elliott: On Week 16 Loss "We Beat Ourselves"
2017-12-24 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 12/24/17 vs. SEA
2017-12-24 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 12/24/17 vs. SEA
2017-12-24 Tyrone Crawford: "We're All Taking Responsibility"
2017-12-24 DeMarcus Lawrence: "One Play Doesn't Change A Game”
2017-12-24 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys quedan eliminados de los playoffs  
2017-12-26 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 12/26/17 
2017-12-26 Hangin' w/ Talkin' Cowboys Break: What Went Wrong?
2017-12-26 Cowboys Game Night: Week 16 vs. Seahawks
2017-12-26 Cadena de Plata: DeMarcus Lawrence captura a Russell Wilson
2017-12-26 Cover 4: Emotional Loss
2017-12-27 Cowboys This Morning: December 27th
2017-12-27 Cowboys Break: Fallout From The Seattle Loss
2017-12-27 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Nate On The Road
2017-12-27 Talkin' Cowboys: Are Changes Coming?
2017-12-27 Ezekiel Elliott: "Every Game Has Meaning In This League"
2017-12-27 Dez: Opens Up About Frustrations; Dak; Pay Cut & More
2017-12-27 Cowboys Hour: Brice Butler & Jonathan Cooper
2017-12-27 Cover 4: Anticipating The Finale
2017-12-28 Cowboy This Morning: December 28th
2017-12-28 Cowboys Break: Should Starters Play In Philly?
2017-12-28 Dallas Cowboys Legends Radio Show: Emmitt Smith
2017-12-28 Talkin' Cowboys: Distracted Dez Speaks Out
2017-12-28 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Role Players & Stars
2017-12-28 Marinelli: Evaluating Jaylon, Taco, Young DBs Seasons
2017-12-28 Jaylon Smith: On First Full Season "Just The Beginning”
2017-12-28 Scott Linehan: Getting Dez Involved; Worried About Job?
2017-12-29 Garrett: Final Thoughts Before The Finale
2017-12-29 Zeke's Late Return: Mic'd Up vs Seattle
2017-12-29 Jason Garrett Show: Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps
2017-12-29 Cowboys This Morning: December 29th
2017-12-29 Sean Lee: Summarizing The 2017 Season
2017-12-29 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 12/29/17
2017-12-29 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Broaddus' Final Friday
2017-12-31 First Word: Cowboys End 2017 With Win In Philly
2017-12-31 Ezekiel Elliott Highlights @ Eagles
2017-12-31 Post Game Show: Week 17 at Philadelphia
2017-12-31 DeMarcus Lawrence: Staying In Dallas In 2018?
2017-12-31 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 17 - Cowboys vs. Eagles
2017-12-31 Ezekiel Elliott: On Disappointing End To Second Season
2017-12-31 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 12/31/17 @ PHI
2017-12-31 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 12/31/17 @ PHI
2017-12-31 Jason Witten: On End Of 2017 Season & Beyond
2017-12-31 Cowboys Game Night: Week 17 @ Philadelphia
2017-12-31 Dez Bryant: Already "Ready To Get Back to Work"
2017-12-31 Sean Lee: Positive Takeaways From The 2017 Defense