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Gut Feeling: Christmas Eve Showdown vs. Eagles


The Cowboys and Eagles on Christmas Eve. This one has been circled on the calendars since way back at the start of the season when it was rather obvious these were the two best teams in the NFC East, if not the NFC – and who knows, maybe two of the better teams in the entire league.

But right now, the Cowboys need a miracle to win the division, trailing the 13-1 Eagles by three games with three to play. Winning the NFC East is a longshot, but as the Eagles come to town without Jalen Hurts playing, it will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

Check out how the staff writers think it'll go down this Saturday at AT&T Stadium.

Patrik Walker I predicted the Eagles would defeat the Cowboys in Philadelphia, and before Dak Prescott went down with injury that cost him five games. It just felt like Sirianni's team would take a leap forward with Jalen Hurts and, looking back, they surely did. That said, I also predicted (in the same breath) the Cowboys would get revenge on Christmas Eve, and it's time to find out. Hurts being ... hurt ... ahead of this matchup doesn't suddenly make me pick the Cowboys, seeing as I had them picked in this one already. It definitely doesn't hurt their odds, though. Gardner Minshew can win NFL games, yes, but he's what I'd categorize as serviceable whereas Hurts is formidable. If Minshew starts, the game plan also changes for Philly from run-heavy to pass-heavy and that plays into the Cowboys favor. All in all, it doesn't matter who the QB is because the Cowboys have one final chance to make a statement in the regular season and to also keep the Eagles from celebrating a clinched top seed at AT&T Stadium. No further motivation is required. 31-24, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: It's not that I'm siding with Micah Parsons on his opinion about Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, but I do believe this is a really good team that is more than just its quarterback. While I think Hurts' injury will affect the Eagles, I also believe teams – the good ones - have a way of rallying around when they need to the most. The Cowboys did that when Dak went down. You can't tell me it's just a coincidence the defense played its best football when Cooper Rush was at quarterback. I think the good teams have a way of digging even deeper and so with that, I'm not factoring in the QB injury as a major change. I think the Cowboys' have so many issues on defense right now, especially in the secondary, that it'll be hard for them to keep up. The Cowboys offense will score like it usually does, but I don't think it'll be enough. I've got the Eagles winning this one, 28-26.

Hailey Sutton:  It's finally here. The game everyone has had circled on their calendar since October: its officially Eagles week. No Jalen Hurts doesn't necessarily mean this one get easier. Gardner Minshew is one of better backups in the league, and with the weapons around him, it'll still be a challenge. The Cowboys biggest competition is themselves, so limit the turnovers and play that complimentary football we saw earlier in the season. Remember this team was one stop away from beating Philadelphia with Cooper Rush behind center. The CB2 is still a major concern but I think the boys can get it done at home. Give me the Cowboys in a tight one: 28-24.

Mickey Spagnola: Sure liked hearing Dak point out this game needs to be a statement game to themselves, not anyone else, proving they can play with anyone heading into the playoffs. Especially when playing the Eagles this time around with Dak at QB, and even though the Eagles will be playing without Jalen Hurts. Remember, the first time around, the Cowboys played without Dak, in the 26-17 loss. This time around, as long as the Cowboys do a better job protecting Dak then they have of late, and the defense gets after Gardner Minshew, this should be the statement the Cowboys players are demanding of themselves, Cowboys 27, Eagles 16.

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