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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Bears


Both teams are 6-6 but not exactly in the same situations. The Cowboys still have a one-game lead in the NFC East race while the Bears are three games back in the standings and needing a lot of help to stay alive. Either way, this is a huge game for both teams. The staff gives their 'gut feeling' for Thursday's game with the Bears.

Rob Phillips: These two teams are a lot alike in certain respects. They've got talent on both sides of the ball. They were playoff teams a year ago. For whatever reason, it's been a struggle to find consistency this year. I'm taking the Cowboys because despite the issues they've had starting and finishing games, I just have a hard time believing we'll see a second three-game losing streak this season. I still think this is a talented football team that has the desire to be better than what they've shown. The biggest key for me is run defense at a cold Soldier Field. The Bears have only averaged 3.4 yards per carry this season, but they found some traction on Thanksgiving against Detroit. The Cowboys can't let that become a balancing factor for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Stop the run, finish some of these red zone drives, and they can get back above .500.

Nick Eatman: It's not every day that you see a team with its backs against the wall … and in first place of the division. But that's what I think the Cowboys are right now. They have to play desperate and that hasn't always gone well. I think they are better than the Bears. I know Chicago has a good defense and so far, good defenses have been problematic even for this No. 1 ranked offense the Cowboys have. While the Bears have had issues on offense, they seem to plya better last week in Detroit. I guess, you can say the Cowboys did as well. But I've only picked against the Cowboys once this year – and they smashed the Eagles by nearly four touchdowns. Let's see if that happens again. I've picked the Cowboys enough times and I've been dead wrong. I'm picking the Bears. Give me Chicago 23-19.

David Helman:Another week, another matchup where I think the Cowboys are the better team. It hasn't done a lot of good to this point, has it? The Cowboys tend to play sloppy, and it's a big part of why they've lost two or three games they shouldn't have. I point all of this out because I think the Cowboys are the better team but will still find a way to lose this game. All of the matchups favor Dallas in this — they have the better quarterback and the better offense. Their defense isn't as good as Chicago's, but I like the matchup against a Bears offense that's among the worst in the league. And yet, I assume the Cowboys are good for a turnover or two, as they're averaging more than one per game. There will probably be a special teams miscue, such as a missed field goal or a long return. In the NFL, that's enough to lose you a ball game. I think we're going to see a lot of field goals at Soldier Field -- and probably some misses, if I had to guess. It won't be pretty, but Mitch Trubisky will make a play with his legs to set up a game-winner, and the Bears win an ugly one — something like 22-19.

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