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Possible Pick | 2022 NFL Draft

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Possible Pick: Best Fit For Georgia DT Jordan Davis?


(Editor's Note: While the start of the 2022 NFL Draft isn't until late-April, it's never too early to profile some of the key participants. The staff of intends to preview the landscape of the draft's top prospects, with an emphasis on possible Cowboys draft picks – from the first round to the last. Today's featured player is Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis.)

  • Name: Jordan Davis
  • Position: DT
  • College: Georgia
  • Height/Weight: 6-6 /341
  • Did You Know? Davis ran a 4.78 in the 40-yard dash at the combine, the fastest time ever record by a prospect weighing over 330 pounds.

Where He's Projected:

When it comes to this draft, many players in the middle of the first round are ranging anywhere from 10 to 30. Davis, a nose-tackle that will likely anchor a 3-4 defense or at least be a one-technique in a four-man front, has to find a team that plays the scheme for him. Then again, he's over 340 pounds and he's running 40-times faster than some running backs and tight ends and jumping over 10 feet in the broad jump, better than some cornerbacks and receivers. Davis can likely fit into any scheme as he was one of the best players on Georgia's elite defense last season.

How He Helps The Cowboys:

The Cowboys have some quick defensive tackles. They've got some decent size in the middle as well. But they really don't have that combination with one player, and that's what Davis brings to the table. He's got very rare agility to go with that kind of space-eating size. The Cowboys are always looking for a player who can clog the middle and also wanting some pass rush in the middle. Davis could likely bring both, although there is some fear that he's not a three-down player. Then again, if he does his job on first and second down and allows the pass-rushers to get on the field on third down, that could be worth the pick, even at No. 24 overall.

Kyle Youmans' Report: If you looked up "space eater" in the dictionary, a picture of Jordan Davis would most likely pop up. A huge presence in the defensive line of Georgia. However, the scariest thing about Davis is not his size, it's the way he moves with his size. Lines up as either a three-technique or a nose tackle because of his versatility, but his fit as either on an NFL defense could really be scary for opposing offenses.


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