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Progress Report: How Will Grier Fits in QB Room


As the Cowboys shift from free agency to the draft, let's focus on players who are under contract, with a look back to last year but still focusing on their role for the 2023 season. Today, we'll continue the series with quarterback Will Grier.

What Worked: Grier had a chance to win the backup quarterback spot during training camp last summer when he was competing with Cooper Rush. Leading up to the start of the season, there was a case to be made that Grier had earned the job with a strong preseason before suffering a hamstring injury. Rush eventually won the job however, and subsequently went on to go 5-1 during Dak Prescott's absence with his broken thumb during the first third of the season. That left Grier on the bench as the eventual backup during that span before being relegated to the third string job.

Needs Some Work: Grier hasn't taken a snap in a regular season game since his rookie season in Carolina with the Panthers during the 2019 season. He had 52 attempts across two starts, completing 52.8% of his passers for 228 yards and four interceptions in that span. He likely won't be asked to start anytime soon in Dallas with Prescott and Rush ahead of him on the depth chart,

His Best Work: Having a quality quarterback room in the NFL is paramount in 2023, let alone having a competent backup before your starter. The Cowboys have that in Rush, and had he been injured during his time filling in for Prescott, the keys would have potentially been handed to Grier in a season that might have been lost at that point anyhow. The fact that Grier is well-respected and liked by both teammates and coaches and wasn't forced into action might've been he and the Cowboys' best work.

Contract Consideration: Grier is set to make just north of $1 million in base salary in 2023 before hitting the open market for the first time in his career at season's end as an unrestricted free agent.

What's Next: Grier will likely have a hard time cracking the backup job this season after the Cowboys' re-signed Rush to a multi-year deal in free agency. Depending on what happens in the draft, Grier could be back in the quarterback room in Dallas this season as the third guy in line to take over in the event both Prescott and Rush are not available.

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