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UDFA Profile: WR Guidry Displays Roster Upside


Over the next two weeks, dives deeper into the talented group of undrafted rookies that will battle for a roster spot this offseason.

  • Name: Stephen Guidry
  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • School: Mississippi State
  • Height/Weight: 6-3/201lbs
  • Awards & Recognition: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Participant, NFL Scouting Combine invite

The Good: There is a fluidness and haste to his game that kept him a threat against even the best SEC competition. Guidry's straight-line speed and run-after-the-catch ability on film was backed up by his 4.47-second 40-yard-dash at the combine. The 6-foot-3 frame and almost 79-inch wingspan produced a catch radius that is NFL ready and gives him the foundation to be a physical wide receiver at the next level. During his time with the Bulldogs, Guidry barely came off the field because he has the natural blocking ability on the edge that run-first offenses drool over.

The Project: While Guidry has all the avenues to be successful as a wideout in the NFL, he just hasn't had the consistency that you would need out of pass-catcher on the 55-man roster. At times, a lapse of concentration leads to a dropped pass or a free defender coming off the edge. He has the length to latch on as a blocker but looks timid on occasion in actually getting to that point, or when trying to find a defender to block down field. Guidry's route running and change of direction skills are each a work in progress as he loses a chunk of speed when he needs to be sharp on his cuts and has to reaccelerate.

The Summary: Guidry started his collegiate career at Hinds Community College where he became the highest rated JuCo wide receiver in the country before continuing his career in Starkville. Much like when he first arrived at Mississippi State, there's a still long way to go for Guidry to make a considerable impact. However, he may just fit the mold of what the Cowboys need in their (very much open) fourth wide receiver slot. A project wideout with size, speed, and length, along with workable downsides like dropped passes, head-hunting, and change of direction skills is exactly what Dallas will be looking for, and ultimately has, in Guidry. If there was a prediction on which UDFAs made the roster, Guidry's name may not be on the list. But if there was an underlying candidate to give the nod to, based off the current state of the franchise? Turn it in.

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William A. Boykins

Digital Media Producer / Webmaster

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