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Richard Sees No Limitations In Lewis’ Game

Since he’s been here, Kris Richard has made it clear what type of cornerback he likes. He’s also been clear in calling Jourdan Lewis an exception to the rule. And he’s not changing either stance. 
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Despite Battling For Reps, CB Duo Finds a Bond

The NFL is full of untold stories, unlikely relationships, and undeniable outcomes.
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Gut Feeling: Debating Cowboys’ Best Day 3 Pick 

So that’s a wrap on the final day of the NFL Draft. The Cowboys added six players – two more than expected – to finish with eight total picks.
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Gut Feeling: Biggest Surprise - Hill or McGovern?

After a long wait, the Cowboys made two picks on Friday, addressing both sides of the offensive line. 
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Gut Feeling: Biggest Storyline of the 1st Round

For the first time in 10 years, the Cowboys went through a first round without a pick. Still, there were plenty of surprises that occurred among the rest of the league. Check out what the writers viewed as the biggest storyline of the night. 
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Early Guess At The 2019 Starters On Offense

With the NFL Draft still to go, what does the Cowboys’ offense look like at the moment? Let’s try to project the starting lineup for 2019. 
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Projecting the 2019 Starting Lineup on Defense 

Even before next week’s NFL Draft, the Cowboys have assembled a pretty talented group of defensive players. Let’s try to project the starting lineup for 2019. 
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6 Points: The Most Pivotal Part of the Schedule

The Cowboys finally know their schedule for the 2019 season. For months, we’ve known the Cowboys will travel to New England, New Orleans and Chicago with key home games against the Packers and Rams.
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6 Points: Writers Debate the Next Star to Sign

The D-Law press conference on Tuesday likely won’t be the last one in 2019 as several other big names are expected to get paid. The writers debate on which player should be next. 
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Cobb: Bright-Eyed With Something To Prove

Despite a slew of emotional tweets and shout-outs to Randall Cobb following his departure from Green bay, the wide receiver looked so ‘all in’ on his new team, so soon.
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Next Step: Time to Upgrade the Safety Position? 

The Cowboys have had solid play at safety the last few years with Jeff Heath and Xavier Woods. But is time to finally go out and upgrade the spot?
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D-Law Contract Among Topics Jerry Addressed 

While he’s got a big boxing match on his mind, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones never stops thinking football. On Tuesday he addressed several big issues, from D-Law’s contract to Jason Garrett. 
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Under Review: What’s The No. 1 Draft Need?

“Under Review” continues with the staff writers debating the Cowboys’ No. 1 draft need at this point in the offseason. Check out our answers!
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Writers Make Their Own ‘NFL Honors’ Picks

The staff writers of decided to weigh in on seven of the top awards. It’s not a prediction of what will happen, but more of an opinion if they had say in the process.
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Under Review: Most Improved Cowboys Player?

“Under Review” continues with the staff writers picking the Cowboys’ most improved player in 2018 who could make an even bigger jump next season. Check out our answers!
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Under Review: Most Surprising Performance?

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers picked the biggest surprise of the 2018 season, focusing on some individual performances that came out of nowhere. 
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Under Review: Cowboys Best Play of 2018 

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers picked the best play from the 2018 season. Check out six different answers for the Cowboys’ best individual play of the past year. 
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Gut Feeling: The Linehan Decision; What’s Next?

On Friday, the Cowboys announced that Scott Linehan will no longer be the offensive coordinator. There wasn’t a press release, but just a statement from Jason Garrett, who called it a “mutual decision” for both parties. 
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Rams

Who will advance Saturday night in LA? See’s ‘Gut Feeling’ playoff predictions for Cowboys-Rams.
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Flip Side: How Will Bye Week Affect the Rams?

We caught up once again with Rams insider Myles Simmons to answer some questions about the Rams, who are coming off a first-round bye after finishing the year 13-3. 
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