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Big Facts: Dak Can Break Romo's Passing Record

Here are some BIG FACTS to get you ready for Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Redskins at AT&T Stadium.
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Big Facts: Jason Garrett Has 7-2 Record at Philly

We know what this one means. The NFC East “Championship” is up for grabs as the Cowboys face the Eagles in Week 16 at Lincoln Financial Field. Take a look at some staggering statistics behind this division matchup.
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Big Facts: History Says Changing Kicker = Playoffs 

Dak Prescott said it best – the Cowboys have the pen in their hand to write the ending they want in this story of the 2019 season. 
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Mailbag: The Biggest Key To Beating L.A.?

We’ve heard so much talk about better execution, but what specifically has to happen Sunday against this particular Rams opponent to stop this losing streak? 
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Mailbag: Progress Made By Trysten Hill?

Do you believe that with this coming offseason work and another training camp that Trysten Hill will be ready to start? 
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Mailbag: Reasons For Belief In A Turnaround?

I keep hearing the team say they control their own destiny despite their struggles, and I guess that’s true. Is there a player or a factor that gives you any optimism right now that they can turn it around?
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Mailbag: Navigating A Tough Schedule?

What are your thoughts about the schedule being part of the current losing streak by the Cowboys?
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Mailbag: Adjustments On Offense & Defense?

Is it weird to say the Cowboys' defense is playing TOO fast? We all know that defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli demands absolute hustle 100% of the time.
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Big Facts: Cowboys Haven't Lost TNF in 40 Years

Let’s dig into the cold hard facts on the Cowboys and Bears that make this one interesting.
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Cowboys Wearing Their Hearts on Their Cleats

NFL players across the league will wear their hearts on their cleats for the fourth-straight year of the My Cause My Cleats campaign. 
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Big Facts: Must-Know Stats Before Thursday

At 6-5 on the season, the Cowboys are getting closer to the finish line, with playoff chances on the line.
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10 Big Facts: Pats Haven't Beaten Top 15 Offense

10 Things to Know Before Sunday
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Mailbag: Chess Match Against The Pats?

Do y'all think they will continue the trend of shutting down our run game and let Dak fly, or will they flip the script and try to stop the pass? 
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Mailbag: Defense Reaching Its Potential?

With the addition of Michael Bennett, the pass rush has come alive. Do you think the rest of the defense can be more consistent moving forward to a possible playoff run?
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Mailbag: Addressing The Cornerback Depth?

Who do you think gets elevated or brought in to replace Anthony Brown’s position on the depth chart? Will the coaching staff regret losing Mike Jackson from the practice squad?
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Zeke Elliott, Cowboys Feed Friends In DFW

There’s no doubt, everything tastes better after a win. But not even a loss could have taken away the significance of the Cowboys serving their annual early Thanksgiving meal across the DFW metroplex.
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New England Patriots defensive end Chase Winovich (50) leads the defense in the huddle during an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns, Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019 in Foxborough, Mass. New England won 27-13. (Aaron M. Sprecher via AP)

Mailbag: Sizing Up The Pats' Defense?

Given that Matt Patricia comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree, will the Cowboys have an advantage in preparation for the Patriots’ defense given they just played the Lions, or are the schemes and personnel too different from that of the Patriots?
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Mailbag: More Pollard Moving Forward?

The last time, as I recall, the Cowboys consciously gave Tony Pollard a drive and got him involved in the offense was against Miami, and he produced. Doesn't he deserve every opportunity they can get him moving forward? 
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Fans Excited to "Pose With The Pros"

Sunday’s stellar start to the season was invigorating for all Cowboys fans at AT&T Stadium. But for those who took time to “Pose With The Pros” their experience was surely unforgettable.
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Writers Honor Dak's Birthday With 4 Best Plays 

The Dallas Cowboys writers gather Dak’s four greatest plays to celebrate No. 4 on his birthday.
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