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Deep Blue: Behind the scenes with 'War Stories 2'


The NFL Draft has become one of the most intriguing events in all of sports. But what happens behind the scenes in the War Room? We've collected even more draft-day moments in War Stories 2, which features never-before-seen footage as the Cowboys bring on some of the biggest superstars in team history.

Find out what Jason Witten did when he started to fall in the draft? What did Randy White bring home to his college buddies after getting picked No. 2 overall? And re-live the heartwarming drama between a father and son as Deuce Vaughn was getting picked. War Stories 2 also tells the stories of players such as Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Tony Dorsett, Darren Woodson and more.

See which player hated the Cowboys before being drafted and eventually becoming a Ring of Honor member. How did the Cowboys passing up on Randy Moss lead to another pick down the road. And when Tony Dorsett was drafted back in 1977, the only person who knew about the deal was a customer at a dry cleaners.

Written, produced and edited by the team of Kaden Gates, Nick Eatman and Drew Ferguson, War Stories 2 is the first sequel of the Deep Blue Documentary series and concludes Season 9.

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