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Deep Blue: Protecting Landry in 'Close to the Vest'


The 1986 season was already a unique one for the Cowboys, who were thriving with the addition of Herschel Walker to give them one of the NFL's best offenses during the first-half of the season.

After a 6-2 start, a devastating injury to quarterback Danny White began downward spiral for the team that eventually missed the playoffs and stumbled to a 7-9 finish. 

But nothing that occurred on the field could top the bizarre events of a Week 15 game against the Rams in Los Angeles, where legendary head coach Tom Landry had to be removed from the field because of a credible threat on his life.

With the aide of the Cowboys' newly-hired security officer Larry Wansley, Landry eventually returned to the sideline with a bulletproof vest that was obtained from one of the stadium's police officers. 

The threat was thwarted without incident and Landry finished the game, which was another loss by the slumping Cowboys. But the unforgettable night not only created even more admiration for Landry as the consummate professional, but began a change in the overall process for security and the NFL. 

Written and produced by the team of Hailey Sutton, Kevin Timmons, Ambar Garcia and Kaden Gates, "Close to the Vest" tells the unique story from start to finish with interviews from players such as Danny White and Tony Dorsett, and a handful of media members at the game, including legendary broadcaster Al Michaels. 

This documentary "Close to the Vest" is the second of four during Season 9 of Deep Blue. Later this month, the docuseries will feature "Class of 2005" and "War Stories 2."

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