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Deep Blue: Garrett was ready on 'Sunday at 4:15' 


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As the football world briefly hits the pause button as we get closer and closer to training camp, let's take a look back at some of the greatest stories ever told in Cowboys history.

Next month, the Cowboys will reveal Season 9 of our Deep Blue Documentary series, with four more hour-long pieces to be revealed each weekend of the preseason and beyond.

Over the last eight years, the Dallas Cowboys media team has produced nearly 30 documentaries, which include Emmy-winning and nominated productions that touch on a wide range of topics and players from every season of Dallas Cowboys Football.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of these stories, continuing with the game that propelled Jason Garrett as the first former player to become head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2010, the Cowboys shockingly struggled to a 1-7 record, forcing Jerry Jones to remove Wade Phillips as head coach in the middle of the season. Garrett, the team's offensive coordinator and former QB from 1992-99, suddenly became the head coach. But it was a move he was ready for. As the son of a longtime coach and scout, Jason Garrett was widely prepared for this moment. As he got ready for first game, it occurred ironically against the Giants, where Garrett grew up in New Jersey. All week long, as he faced questions from the media, Garrett's model of consistency was shown, as he constantly focused on the task ahead, stating that nothing matters except for the upcoming game ... Sunday at 4:15.
The documentary, written and produced by Roxanne Medina and Nick Eatman was nominated for a Lone Star Emmy in 2016.

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