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Deep Blue: 'Class of 2005' changed defense, culture

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Heading into the 2005 NFL Draft, Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells had one main goal – fix the defense.

Not only improve the play, but change the scheme, reverting to a style he used back with the New York Giants in the 80s and early 90s that some liked to call "Big-Boy Football."

Not only did the Cowboys draft the necessary pieces to change into a 3-4 defense that season, but they added a group of gladiator-like players that eventually formed a brotherhood that still stands today.

Headlined by recently-named Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware, the "Class of 2005" featured big players and personalities such as Marcus Spears later in the first round, all the way to Jay Ratliff in the seventh. In between, there are fascinating stories on the pre-draft hurdles of Chris Canty to the remarkable career and life of Marion Barber.

Written and produced by the team of Nick Eatman, Connor McMahon, Kaden Gates and Thomas Blakey, "Class of 2005" also focuses on one of the more memorable moments in team history involving Ware, who overcame a scary scene on the field to produce a heroic performance less than a week later.

This documentary "Class of 2005" is the third of four during Season 9 of Deep Blue. Later this month, the docuseries will conclude with "War Stories 2."

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