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Deep Blue: Walls & Diggs Provide "24/7 Coverage"


The second episode of Deep Blue Season 8 aired this week, highlighting the connection between two record-setting players despite being 40 years apart.

Everson Walls and Trevon Diggs are featured in "24/7 Coverage," which showcases the two players linked in history.

Walls set the Cowboys' franchise record in 1981 with 11 interceptions, coming out of Grambling State as an undrafted rookie. It took 40 years, but Trevon Diggs tied the record in 2021.

For the first time ever, Walls and Diggs sit down for a lengthy discussion to find out their difference, but similarities as well.

This documentary tells not one or two, but three stories at once, taking through the journey and career for both Walls and Diggs, before revealing the story of their magical seasons that included 11 picks for each player.

The documentary takes you through Walls' journey of growing up in Dallas to the same for Diggs, who grew up in Maryland, in the shadow of his older brother, Stefon, a Pro Bowl receiver for the Bills.

Aside from having 11 interceptions in a single season, both Walls and Diggs realized they share something else in common about their record-setting season – both ended in the playoffs to the 49ers. The two discuss those heart-breaking moments, including "The Catch," a play that Walls will forever be linked to.

All in all, "24/7 Coverage" covers two players with difference pasts, but holding a record that will link them together in Cowboys history.

Deep Blue Season 8:

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