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Doc of the Day: Dilemma of Randy, Michael & Joey


With the sports world hitting the pause button, there is an obvious huge void for fans, starving for sports entertainment.

The Dallas Cowboys media team has produced over 25 documentaries over the last five years and has decided to use this idle time to feature many of them, which include Emmy-winning and nominated productions that touch on a wide range of topics and players from all 60 seasons of Dallas Cowboys Football.

Today, we continue the series with "Randy, Michael & Joey – the Domino Effect."

As part of the 2017 Deep Blue lineup, this documentary written and produced by Steve Sullivan.   

This film focuses on the decision the Cowboys had in the late 1990s and early 2000s regarding the wide receiver position.

How things could've been different had they drafted Randy Moss in 1998? Did they choose to pass because of the off-the-field issues of Moss, or the situation regarding Michael Irvin and his past? Perhaps a combination of both.

But by passing on Moss, who became an instant superstar and is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, were the Cowboys forced to reach for another star in Joey Galloway?

Here's a story of how one single decision triggered a series of events that would lead to a decade of disappointment. As each domino fell, the Cowboys' efforts to control their destiny proved powerless against the inescapable forces of fate. 

"Randy, Michael & Joey" was one of three documentaries in Deep Blue season 3, which earned an prestigious Webby Award nominee in the Film & Video category.

(Note: All of the films can be seen either on, or the Cowboys NOW app, featuring Connected TV applications – Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.)

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