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Doc of the Day: The Stories Behind "Doomsday II"


With the sports world hitting the pause button, there is an obvious huge void for fans, starving for sports entertainment.

The Dallas Cowboys media team has produced over 25 documentaries over the last five years and has decided to use this idle time to feature many of them, which include Emmy-winning and nominated productions that touch on a wide range of topics and players from all 60 seasons of Dallas Cowboys Football.

Today, we continue the series with "Doomsday II: The Dawn of America's Team."
As part of the 2017 Deep Blue lineup, this documentary was written and co-produced by Kurt Daniels, and edited and co-produced by Roxanne Medina.  
Beginning in the 1960s, with the likes of Bob Lilly, Chucky Howley and Lee Roy Jordan, the Cowboys defense was appropriately nicknamed "Doomsday" for its tenacity, grit and, at times, complete domination. 
But as the Cowboys moved into the late 1970s, the Doomsday Defense went to another level and remains unmatched in Cowboys history. With stars like Randy White, Harvey Martin, Cliff Harris and "Hollywood" Henderson, the unit not only dominated the NFL to win the title in 1977, but also led the team to three Super Bowls in four years.
In an era of fast times and high fun, the Cowboys ruled the city, enjoying their success both on the field and off. No one was bigger. No one was better. 
"Doomsday II" was one of three documentaries in Deep Blue Season 3, which earned a prestigious Webby Award nominee in the Film & Video category.

(Note: All of the films can be seen either on, or the Cowboys NOW app, featuring Connected TV applications – Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.)

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