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Draft Show Recap: Assessing The Cowboys' Needs


FRISCO, Texas – There are 105 days until the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas, but the wait is over for a new era of the Dallas Cowboys Draft Show.

It may be a bit premature for Cowboys fans, but the season of scouts is upon us and now we look to the future in Dallas. A new coaching staff led by Mike McCarthy has hold of the 17th selection in the first round and six total picks to address the needs of a roster with some glaring holes.

With almost half the roster due for the end of a contract and the inevitable turnover from year-to-year, the new staff has the unique opportunity to fit the roster into a new system or at least a new era. Positions in the secondary, defensive line, wide receiver and even tight end are all a potential need.

Thursday's conversation turns to the past history of Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys' front office to forecast the way that Dallas could utilize their draft stock.

Here's some thoughts on where Dallas could look when the draft comes around in April.

  • The entire first segment was centered around the options that Dallas would have at pick No. 17 and the different ways Mike McCarthy could influence the direction of the roster.
  • In the past, the coaches have had some sway with the pick selected.
  • The tradition continued in the second segment as it was centered around fan questions. This week's questions covered whether a trade for Jets' Safety Jamal Adams is a possibility, who could fit as an edge rusher in the first round should a switch to 3-4 be imminent, and which is more likely, trading up or trading down.
  • Dallas has not held a pick as high as 17 since they drafted Ezekiel Elliott in 2016 (No. 4 overall) and the Cowboys have not traded out of a first-round spot since 2013.
  • The third segment featured spit-balling where the Cowboys could address the needs outside the top three rounds. With both Kevin Turner and Dave Helman debating on how the personnel would be used by the new McCarthy regime and how that could inspire the final day of the draft.
  • As the front office awaits a decision from Jason Witten, tight end could also be an intriguing direction that Day 3 could bring come April.

Here's the link to the full show:

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