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Notes: Quinn Takes A Helmet; Super Goals & More


FRISCO, Texas – How many coaches have you seen wear a helmet for a practice drill?

Put Dan Quinn on that short list.

The Cowboys' defensive coordinator has a strong reputation as a hands-on coach and teacher, often working with players one-on-one during practice. Wednesday, Quinn donned a helmet to give the defensive line an up-close look at cut blocks as part of this week's preparation.

"Today was his first time. He usually wears the mitts or the arm sleeves," linebacker Micah Parsons said. "That tells what type of hands-on coach he is. 'He's like, "I want to give you the best look possible, no matter what.'"

-Rob Phillips (10/13)

The Patriots are known for limiting what the opposition does best. That begs an obvious question for this talented Cowboys offense. What is their biggest strength?


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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