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Progress Report: Evident Growth For Biadasz


Once again, the Cowboys find themselves with over 20 players who have expiring contracts. But still, there's a large percentage of players on the roster already in place. Over the next few weeks, the staff writers will evaluate those players under contract, reviewing their past performances with an outlook to the future. Today, we'll continue the series with center Tyler Biadasz.

What Worked: In his second full year as the starter at the center spot, Biadasz took real strides in front of Dak Prescott on a number of fronts. His rapport with Prescott strengthened as the season progressed, as did his ability to call out protections at the line of scrimmage. Biadasz ability to keep his quarterback upright was crucial as well, given that he did not allow a sack in 2022. Plus, he played in 97% of the Cowboys' offensive snaps with the exception of the Week 18 game against the Commanders he missed with an ankle injury.

Needs Some Work: Biadasz cleaned up his penalty issue from 2021 where he was tagged for six false starts and two holding calls, specifically the former stat by dropping that total to two for the season. With there being plenty to build off of heading into his fourth NFL season, Biadasz is on the right track to becoming one of the more underrated centers in the league.

His Best Work: *For all of the areas of his game that have improved the most in his three seasons with the Cowboys, Biadasz made big jumps in his run and pass blocking abilities which helped lift him to his first career Pro Bowl in Las Vegas this past season. He was one of the more reliable offensive linemen alongside Zack Martin with the Cowboys battling multiple injuries from training camp until the end of the season.

Contract Consideration: Given that Biadasz was a fourth-round pick in the 2020 draft out of Wisconsin he's slated to earn almost $2.9 million in 2023 before hitting the unrestricted free agent following the end of the season. If you're a believer in trends, the Cowboys have placed the franchise tag on former fourth round picks in the last four years with Tony Pollard this season and Dalton Schultz last year, along with Dak Prescott getting tagged twice in 2020 and 2021.

What's Next: There has been plenty of indication that Biadasz has made significant progress from his first year as the full-time starter into his second season at the keystone. He'll be entering his walk year when he turns 25 in November, so he should be more than motivated to keep his arrow trending upward as a fixture for the Cowboys on the offensive line.

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