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Deep Blue: 'Holley-Wood' Reality & Percy's 1 Catch 


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FRISCO, Texas - As the football world briefly hits the pause button as we inch closer and closer to training camp, let's take a look back at some of the greatest stories ever told in Cowboys history.

Next month, the Cowboys will reveal Season 9 of our Deep Blue Documentary series, with four more hour-long pieces to be shown each weekend of the preseason and beyond.

Over the last eight years, the Dallas Cowboys media team has produced nearly 30 documentaries, which include several Emmy-winning and nominated productions that touch on a wide range of topics and players from every season of Dallas Cowboys Football.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of these stories, starting today with a pair of long-shot receivers that had their moment in the sun.

Jesse Holley was the first player in NFL history to earn a training camp invite from a reality TV show. What he did from there was all on his own, as he turned his "reality" dreams into his own NFL reality that included a memorable moment in San Francisco.

Holley actually served as an executive producer, along with Nick Eatman and Steve Sullivan to produce “From Reality to Holley-wood,” which was nominated for Best Documentary for a Lone Star Sports Emmy.

Decades earlier, Percy Howard was a little-used wide receiver that caught just one pass in his career – but it happened to be in the Super Bowl. Check out Howard's unusual story, chronicled in "One Catch: The Struggle & Redemption of Percy Howard," which was written and produced by Kurt Daniels and edited by Madison Aman.

This documentary was also nominated for a Lone Star Sports Emmy.

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