Deep Blue: Jesse Holley's Dreams Became Reality


Jesse Holley has a story unlike anyone else in sports.

That's not just a catchy phrase, it's facts. Or in this case, it's the reality.

Because no one – not in the NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball – has ever made a professional roster by winning a reality TV show.

Yet, it happened to Holley, the winner of the Michael Irvin-led show in 2009, "4th and Long."

But not only did he get to the Cowboys by winning the show, Holley had to do much more to stick around.

What few people really know, is all of the life struggles Holley went through in his childhood that prepared him for the real world.

Whether you remember him from the Reality show, or his huge overtime catch to help beat the 49ers, or another interesting facet of his life, Holley has a story to tell.

And he tells it himself in "From Reality to Holleywood."

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