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Doc of the Day: "Too Tall" Calls It A Comeback


With the sports world hitting the pause button, there is an obvious huge void for fans, starving for sports entertainment.

The Dallas Cowboys media team has produced over 25 documentaries over the last five years and has decided to use this idle time to feature many of them, which include Emmy-winning and nominated productions that touch on a wide range of topics and players from all 60 seasons of Dallas Cowboys Football.

Today, we continue the series with a feature on Ed "Too Tall" Jones and his comeback after a brief stint as a boxer.

Initially aired as a Cowboys Legends Show, this documentary on "Too Tall" was produced and edited by Alex Lilley, written by Mickey Spagnola, directed by Scott Purcell with Roxanne Medina serving as the director of photography.

Just recently, we saw one of the Cowboys' all-time legends take a break from the game, only to return to the field and resume his role. But nearly 40 years before Jason Witten took a short break from the game, Ed "Too Tall" Jones did the same. Only his one-year profession involved a stint in the boxing ring. Jones, a former No. 1 overall pick, decided to quit football and pursue professional boxing. While that didn't last long, Jones was able to return to the Cowboys for another decade.

The menacing, and appropriately-nicknamed pass-rusher is one of the greatest players in Cowboys history. This documentary features commentary from not only Jones, but Witten as well, in their decisions to walk away and return to the sport.

(Note: All of the films can be seen either on, or the Cowboys NOW app, featuring Connected TV applications – Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.)

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