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Draft Show Recap: Senior Bowl, Swaps & Scenarios 


FRISCO, Texas – The Senior Bowl is in the rear-view mirror and the NFL Draft is 84 days away. The crew of the Dallas Cowboys Draft Show reflects on the week that was and begins entertaining the decisions that could play out in April.

With so many missing roles and a limited amount of salary cap, the Cowboys have plenty of options on where they could go with their draft process. The obvious route would be that Dallas takes the best player available at pick 17 in the first round and address the other needs in the later rounds.

However, there are always opportunities to spend assets, move up and take a higher-value player to fill one of the holes. But the possibility to move down in the draft order and receive some extra assets from a more desperate franchise is also on the table.

On Thursday's edition of the show, all three possibilities were debated at length and specific circumstances were put in place.

Here's a look back at Senior Bowl week, and a peek ahead at scenarios surrounding the Cowboys:

  • (02:13) - To the surprise of no body, the Wide Receivers stole the show in Mobile with guys like Denzel Mims (Baylor), Chase Claypool (Notre Dame), and K.J. Hill (Ohio State).
  • (10:07) - Safety Kyle Dugger (Lenoir-Rhyne) turned heads at Senior Bowl practices and emerged as a small-school option on Day One or Two of the draft. He spoke with the media about his tenacity and mindset around the obstacles of emerging from a smaller school.
  • (11:45) - Conversation around Dugger sparked the conversation about 'small-school' prospects compared to players from 'blue-blood' programs.  
  •  (23:00) - The second segment, as always, was centered around fan questions with 'Twitter on the 20.' Most of the questions surrounded the Cowboys' pick at 17 and what the options are in that spot.
  • (27:53) - All four hosts explain why there will not be a tight end that is worth a first-round pick in this specific draft class. They also dive into just how deep the class is for tight ends and how the majority of them would go around the third or fourth round.
  • (23:24) - Another question, while still centered around the first round, asked if a team trade up for a shot at Chase Young at the second or third overall pick and who that could be.
  • (47:40) - In the final segment, Jeff Cavanaugh placed three different results of how the first three rounds could look for the Cowboys. The hosts then played the GM role and explained which selection they would make.

Here's the the full show:

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