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Mailbag: McCarthy, Different Draft Philosophy?

Do you anticipate a big change in philosophy with the new head coach?
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Mailbag: Why The Continual Lack of INT's?

Other than pressure from the front seven, where are the INT’s?
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Amid Questions, Cooper Contract Chat "Upbeat"

Offseason dialogue heats up at the NFL Combine, including everything from contracts to the CBA to combine participants. One recent conversation ended on a good note to head into the week in Indianapolis.
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Byron Jones Contract May Be One Too Many

Next up in the priority of conversation behind Prescott is receiver Amari Cooper. But in that same caliber of talent, often kept quiet – just as his own personality and demeanor; cornerback Byron Jones. 
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Mailbag: Michael Gallup's Long Term Future?

Room for Michael Gallup in Cowboys’ future at WR?
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Mailbag: Concern Building for Vander Esch?

Is there any mounting concern for Leighton Vander Esch’s recovery?
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Safety Overview: Desperate Need For Turnovers

With free agents aplenty for the Cowboys, the safety position is one that raises eyebrows. Not only for uncertainty, but also for the potential high draft pick at this position.
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Mailbag: Giants Offense Under Jason Garrett?

Can we expect a replica of the Cowboys offense under Jason Garrett in New York?
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Mailbag: Cobb and McCarthy Meant to be?

Will Randall Cobb remain with the Cowboys?
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Mailbag: Players Bonding With New Coaches?

How will players make sure they bond well with new coaches?
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Mailbag: What's The Plan for Zeke & Pollard?

What’s a big point of need in the 2020 Draft?
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Linguist Moving Up & Coming Home All At Once 

As the Cowboys prepare to add several players this offseason from the college level, they have a new defensive backs coach who is also making the jump to the pros. 
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Mailbag: Team's Potential Under Mike McCarthy?

Do you feel that we are still in a "win now" mentality, or is this more of a rebuild with new coaches, players and scheme?
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Rank'Em: Dak or Romo For All-Decade QB?

While the future might be unclear, the past decade is officially in the books. Let’s check out the staff picks for the Cowboys All-Decade Team, picking the best players at each position fro 2010-19. 
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Big Facts: Dak Can Break Romo's Passing Record

Here are some BIG FACTS to get you ready for Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Redskins at AT&T Stadium.
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Big Facts: Jason Garrett Has 7-2 Record at Philly

We know what this one means. The NFC East “Championship” is up for grabs as the Cowboys face the Eagles in Week 16 at Lincoln Financial Field. Take a look at some staggering statistics behind this division matchup.
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Big Facts: History Says Changing Kicker = Playoffs 

Dak Prescott said it best – the Cowboys have the pen in their hand to write the ending they want in this story of the 2019 season. 
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Mailbag: The Biggest Key To Beating L.A.?

We’ve heard so much talk about better execution, but what specifically has to happen Sunday against this particular Rams opponent to stop this losing streak? 
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Mailbag: Progress Made By Trysten Hill?

Do you believe that with this coming offseason work and another training camp that Trysten Hill will be ready to start? 
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Mailbag: Reasons For Belief In A Turnaround?

I keep hearing the team say they control their own destiny despite their struggles, and I guess that’s true. Is there a player or a factor that gives you any optimism right now that they can turn it around?
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