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Notes: Amari Aims To Keep Eyes On "The Prize" 


FRISCO, Texas – The ball was right in front of him. It was a catch he makes 99 percent of the time. But maybe he wasn't looking ahead. Maybe he was worried more about the next move than the play in front of him.

That's the way Amari Cooper categorized his key dropped pass from last week's game against Denver. But taking a bigger picture approach, Cooper said that play was rather indicative of the entire game the Cowboys played against the Broncos, who cruised to a 30-16 upset win.

"As soon as I dropped the ball, I knew exactly what happened," Cooper said, explaining his third-quarter drop over the middle. "I took my eyes off it and that's a great reminder for me as it is for the team — we can't take our eyes off the prize."

Cooper had a season-low two catches in the game for just 37 yards as the entire offense struggled.

"(We) can't come out flat the way we came out, expecting to win," Cooper said. "You come out the way we came out, you bound to lose."

-Nick Eatman (11/11)

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