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Notes: Dak Scrambling; Diggs Still Learning CB


FRISCO, Texas – The stats suggest that quarterback Dak Prescott has appeared to be more selective running with the ball this season. His 126 rushing yards through 14 games are the second-lowest total of his career behind 2020, when he gained 93 yards in only five starts last year.

But Prescott recently said there might be a time later in the season to get more aggressive on the ground. That looked to be the case in last Sunday's blowout win over Washington, when he picked up 21 yards on four scrambles.

"If there's an opportunity to run, obviously this back part of the season, heading into the playoffs, everything matters. So I'm playing that way. I'm preparing that way," Prescott said. "If those running lanes are there -- obviously I'm still going to be smart in taking the contact and those types of things -- but yeah, when it's needed, when the lane's there, I'm not going to hesitate."

Prescott said the Washington game was probably the best he's felt running in a game this season since returning from last year's season-ending ankle injury. (He also sat out the Cowboys' Oct. 31 win over Minnesota with a calf strain.)

"I just think it comes from a lot of months of taking care of my body, prehabbing, rehabbing when injuries came up, but in the same sense, staying ahead of everything and making sure that my leg is positioned the right way, my body feels great and doing all the little necessary things, and different modalities that I have in place to make sure that I'm feeling the best that I can in the latter part of the year," Prescott said. "And I feel fortunate and blessed to be feeling as well as I do this late in the year."

-Rob Phillips (12/30)

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