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Notes: Diggs & Jeudy, Team Bonding; More


FRISCO, Texas– Amari Cooper chuckled when he was asked why the Cowboys seem to have such good team chemistry this season. Anyone who watches the games can tell that this is a close knit group, but it's harder to pinpoint why exactly that's the case.

"I don't know, I guess vibes," Cooper said. "The vibes were there, I guess."

The Cowboys could make a fortune if they could bottle the type of vibes that have fueled this 6-1 start. Cooper might know for sure how it happened, but he did point to the fact that it's a team-wide thing. In a world where players typically build chemistry within their position groups, Cooper said it's special when the camaraderie extends to the entire roster.

"That's how you know you have good chemistry on the team," he said. "Typically, the guys in the same position group are close to each other. Other than that, it's really the guys who probably came in in the same draft class or something like that. But you got guys who haven't known each other for a full year and are really close to each other."

-David Helman (11/4)

Dallas Cowboys Notebook #DENvsDAL | Week 9


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