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Notes: Explaining The Bet, Jarwin Update; More


FRISCO, Texas Other than practice, you don't really see a competition between the Cowboys' offense and defense.

But this year, as we get closer to the end of the regular season and the playoffs, both sides of the ball have engaged in a friendly wager.

Simply put, the offense and defense are keeping score – touchdowns vs. turnovers. And here lately, the defense is winning the battle.

"Just a challenge between fellow teammates," said defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, who seems to be the ringleader for this bet. "A little competition won't hurt, Figured it was give it a good try to see if the offense can beat us on turnovers vs. touchdowns and, you know, defense, won this one. See what they got this week."

Linebacker Micah Parsons has never lacked confidence and he's pretty sure his side will win this bet as well.

"We're peaking at the right time. We're extremely confident we're going to win that battle," Parsons said. "I know Dak is good for it, he'll pay up at the end of the year. We'll be collecting at that final game."

So what does the winner get? D-Law had the answer.

"A trip. The whole group gets the trip.," Lawrence said. "Yeah, the defense is going to have pay for the offense's trip or the offense is going to have to pay for the defense's trip. So yeah we'll see how that goes."

But even if the defense doesn't win, Parsons admits it's a good thing.

"Yeah, it's a win-win situation. I hope they go out and score 10 touchdowns," Parsons said. "It'll make my job a whole lot easier. I know it's going to be a passing down every time."

-Nick Eatman (12/22)

Dallas Cowboys Notebook #WASvsDAL | Week 16

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