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Notes: Full Tank, AB's Redemption, Amari & Diggs


NEW ORLEANS — After Thursday night's win over the Saints, Anthony Brown confirmed something that would not have been hard to guess: It had been a long week for him.

Seven days earlier against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thanksgiving Brown had been flagged for pass interference four times including an overtime penalty that all but ended the Cowboys' chances of victory. The cornerback said that he had been "itching" to get back on the field.

Before he would take the field, however, Brown says that he received a text from Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin.

"Stay at it," Irvin had encouraged the recently scapegoated defensive back. "Keep your head up. Keep doing what you're doing."

Brown, who is a leader in the locker room and a mentor to Trevon Diggs, helped lead a Cowboys' defense that snuffed out the Saints' offense in the fourth quarter. Brown's coverage was excellent and the referees did not factor into his performance.

Just a week earlier, the camera lingered on Brown near the end of the team's Thanksgiving loss, as a look of abject defeat was apparent on his face. After the Saints game, however, the camera found Brown celebrating with a hug from a characteristically excited Irvin, who gave Brown an "I told you so" and let him know he was proud of him.

By the time the game was over, the Cowboys had recorded four interceptions of Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. Brown didn't manage to get one himself, but it still felt like redemption for the starting cornerback.

"It's cool," Brown said, calmly before offering up a teaser. "I'll get one next week."

-Jonny Auping (12/2)

The Cowboys had plenty of returns Thursday in New Orleans, from Tank coming back to Amari Cooper to a pick party, including Trevon Diggs.


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