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Notes: Zeke's Memory, Neal Back & College Rivals 


Zeke Recalls Dak's 2020 Injury

Sunday's home game will mark almost exactly a year – 364 days – since Dak Prescott's season-ending ankle injury against the Giants at AT&T Stadium on Oct. 11, 2020.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott remembers playing to win "for (No.) 4" in the second half of that game. Minutes after Prescott was carted off, Elliott ran for a 12-yard touchdown and held up four fingers to recognize his injured teammate.

"It was tough emotionally, but it wasn't tough for me to go out there and play because we're out there playing for him, and that's what he wanted us to do in that moment," Elliott said. "He'd be pissed off if I came to him like, 'Hey Dak, we f*ed off the last part of the game because I was so emotionally distraught about you getting injured.' 

"It was tough, but Dak would've been pissed if we didn't use it as motivation rather than letting it be something that hurt us."

Prescott is back healthy this season, leading the Cowboys to a 3-1 start heading into Sunday's matchup with the Giants.

-Rob Phillips (10/6)

This week's notebook has plenty of information, ranging from players returning to the roster, more awards and how some of Dak's teammates recall last year's Giants game.


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