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Further Review: Anticipation, Then Heartbreak in TB


Gameday is always a whirlwind when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. What we think will happen is rarely what actually happens. What actually happens goes by in a blur. And when all is said and done, there's a new week's worth of aftermath to sort out, good or bad. The DallasCowboys.com staff is always there to cover every aspect.

Every Monday this season Under Review will give a chance to catch your breath and look back at what actually happened. What did we think going in? What happened? And what does it all mean ?

The Warm Up:

  • On Wednesday's Player's Lounge, Danny McCray said he wasn't sure he trusted "either of the Connor's" against the Tampa Bay defensive line. Was he right? [Watch the Player’s Lounge season preview]
  • On Pregame Live, Dani Sureck explained that for Ezekiel Elliott, the season opener was all about "redeeming" himself. Did he do enough Thursday night to accomplish that? [Watch all of Pregame Live]
  • Coming into Thursday's game, Amari Cooper said he believed that he was the best receiver in the NFL but he knew he had to prove it to everyone else. With 139 yards and two touchdowns against Tampa Bay, he certainly did some proving [Read about Cooper’s mindset coming into the year]
  • Rob Phillips had the right prediction for the Cowboys' first game: "The biggest key is whether the Bucs can get to Prescott without having to blitz, as they did against Patrick Mahomes all night long in Super Bowl LV," Phillps wrote. "This will be a competitive, tight game in the second half because there's a lot of talent on both teams, but I'll take Tampa at home in this one." [Read all of the DC.com staff’s Gut Feelings coming in]

Game Time:

What now?

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