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Untold Draft Moments Featured in "War Stories"


Have you seen Emmitt Smith getting the call from Jimmy Johnson in the War Room back in 1990?

What about the time Jerry Jones had two different teams on the phone as he's trying to work out a trade with the clock winding down.

Did you know both Michael Irvin and Emmitt were nearly in Green Bay?

What about a trade the Cowboys were considering that would've prevented both Zeke and Dak from coming here five years ago?

All of that and more are featured in "War Stories," third Deep Blue documentary this season.

We've gone beyond the curtain and into the War Room to watch never-before-seen footage as they debated different players, spanning back from the 70s all the way to Micah Parsons this season.

Overall, we tell 14 stories of players the Cowboys take, and dive deeper into the stories of the ones they didn't draft.

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