Catch-Up: Recapping the Week's Biggest Storylines


Regardless of the situation, a game week is always filled with news and storylines from both sides of the ball.

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will get you fully prepared, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week. Head into Sunday's game by catching up on everything you need to know from this week, courtesy of the staff.


  • The product on the field last Sunday night during the Cowboys loss to the Eagles wasn't exactly high caliber, but Isaiah Stanback and Nate Newton argue it was still entertaining. [Watch Hangin' with the Boys try to make sense of a mess of a game].
  • With the losses piling up, was there anything to feel good about Sunday? "Heavens to Betsy, the Cowboys actually had a halftime lead for just the third time in eight games, 9-7, which was somewhat of a victory since in the five games they trailed at halftime, they were outscored 116-45, including 43-6 in the previous two games," wrote Mickey Spagnola. [Read Spagnola on why the improvement is little consolation.]
  • Amid everything else going on, the Cowboys completed a trade with Houston for defensive tackle Eli Ankou. [Read the details of the trade].




  • The Cowboys unsuccessfully went deep into their playbook against the Eagles last week. But will trick plays be their only chance to beat the Steelers? Bucky Brooks joins Nick, Derek, Ambar, and Dave to discuss. [Watch Cowboys Break]
  • Aldon Smith wasn't traded at the deadline. What does that mean for both sides? "Ultimately, continued production this season will benefit Smith's future, and as disastrous as this season has been for the Cowboys, the playoffs are bizarrely still relatively attainable," writes Jonny Auping. "Smith's place on the roster signals that the Cowboys want to win more games this season, and they aren't in any hurry to part ways with one of their few undeniable bright spots." [Auping on Smith's commitment to winning now].
  • The Cowboys will face a 7-0 team with either Garrett Gilbert or Cooper Rush at quarterback. David Helman's solution? "So this is my pitch to the Cowboys' coaching staff: it's time to double down on last weekend's gameplan," Helman writes. "It's time to really lean into the idea of the Wildcat. Maybe we can call it the WildBoy." [Read Helman's modest QB proposal]
  • Most NFL fans are going to be introduced to either Cooper Rush or Garrett Gilbert under center. So who exactly are they? [Rob Phillips on how both quarterbacks got here]


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