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Catch-Up: From Quinn's Vision To Witt's End & More


Even in the offseason, every week is filled with news and storylines, from front office moves and player updates to forecasting next season.

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will be your spot to look back on the week that was for Cowboys Nation, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week. Head into the weekend by catching up on everything you need to know to stay up to date on your favorite team, courtesy of the staff.




  • In order for the Cowboys' defense to improve, the front office is going to make some tough decisions on who is here to stay on this defensive unit. Kyle Youmans, Hek'ma Harrison, and Isaiah Stanback break down how they'd handle those decisions. [Watch Talkin' Cowboys try to role play the toughest decisions on the defensive side of the ball]
  • It might seem like there's only room to improve for the Cowboys from 2020 to 2021, but Rob Phillips says it will require more than just getting healthy. "Aside from contract negotiations with Prescott, the Cowboys' biggest offseason storyline will be their direction and decisions on defense," Phillips writes. [Read all of Phillips' 3 & Out: How to go from 6-10 to contention]
  • Jason Witten is one of the best players to ever wear a star on his helmet, and he wants to retire in that same uniform. "A projected future Hall of Famer, Witten is the only offensive player in Cowboys history to make 11 Pro Bowl selections, which ties him for the most among all players with Bob Lilly," Nick Eatman writes. [Eatman on Witten's decision to retire a Cowboy]



  • How do you even talk about a backup QB when there is so much that still needs to be resolved with Dak Prescott? Ambar Garcia, Derek Eagleton, Nick Eatman, and Dave Helman give it a shot. [Watch Cowboys Break take a look at the possibilities for the Cowboys second string quarterback]
  • Are the Cowboys realistically closer to contention or rebuild? It's not an easy question to address, but it's just one that Nick Eatman and Rob Phillips try to tackle. [Read all of Friday's mailbag]
  • Bucky Brooks is at the Senior Bowl, and he's keeping an eye on the potential late-round players the Cowboys should be watching, regardless of need. "This week is showing us that there is plenty of depth at running back – something to keep an eye on later on in the draft," Brooks writes. [Read Bucky's notes from the Senior Bowl]

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