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Countdown: Best 2-Yard Run, 2 Picks & 2 Seconds


As we count down the days to the start of a new season, we'll focus on the exact number that will count us down to the Sept. 11 opener against the Bucs.

Today, we will continue with 2 days to the start of the season.

The Play: Yeah, that play. The late Marion Barber probably demonstrated the toughest and most wild 2-yard run you could think of in 2007 against the Patriots. After being met in the backfield by Rodney Harrison, Barber stumbled all the way back into his own endzone to avoid multiple New England defenders. Eventually he would work his way to his right to avoid the safety, only to cut up field for the minor 2-yard gain before bouncing out of bounds.

The 2022 season is getting closer and closer. For the next 100 days, we will count down to the Sept. 11 opener with a daily tribute to each number.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers