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Videos - October 2017

Published On Title
2017-10-01 Ezekiel Elliott Dives & Scores; Does Dinner Dance
2017-10-01 First Word: Cowboys Stumble In Loss To Rams
2017-10-01 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 4 - Rams vs. Cowboys
2017-10-01 Cowboys OT Postgame: #LARvsDAL
2017-10-01 Jerry: "Wade Phillips Was The Difference Out There"
2017-10-01 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 10/1/17 vs. LAR
2017-10-01 Ezekiel Elliott: "What's Important Is The Team Win"
2017-10-01 Jason Witten: On 2nd Half Struggles vs. LAR
2017-10-01 Lael Collins: "We Just Need To Finish"
2017-10-01 Anthony Brown: "The Cowboys Beat The Cowboys Today"
2017-10-01 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 10/1/17 vs. LAR
2017-10-02 Cowboys Break: What Went Wrong vs. LAR?
2017-10-02 Talkin' Cowboys: Wrapping Our Heads Around The Loss
2017-10-02 Hangin' With The Boys: Let The Young Guys Play
2017-10-02 Cadena de Plata Radio: Increíble anotación de Ezekiel Elliott
2017-10-02 Behind the Scenes: 2017 Team Photo
2017-10-02 Garrett: Thoughts Coming Out Of Rams Loss
2017-10-02 Quick Snap: Wade Phillips "The Difference Maker"
2017-10-02 Cover 4: Too Soon To Panic?
2017-10-03 Cowboys This Morning: October 3rd
2017-10-03 Cowboys Break: Big Questions Through 4 Games
2017-10-03 Talkin' Cowboys: Chemistry Issues On The O-Line?
2017-10-03 Dak Prescott Escapes Aaron Donald, Completes to Dez Bryant
2017-10-03 Hangin' With The Boys: Too Many Snaps For Jaylon?
2017-10-03 David Irving: Excitement To Return After Suspension
2017-10-03 Ryan Switzer: "One Play Doesn't Make Or Break Anyone"
2017-10-03 Cover 4: What Do We Know After 4 Weeks?
2017-10-03 Table Talk: The Pendulum Swings
2017-10-03 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 4 vs. Rams
2017-10-04 UNT & The Dallas Cowboys
2017-10-04 Cowboys Break: Scouting The Packers Offense
2017-10-04 Hangin' With The Boys: Time To Set The Edge
2017-10-04 Ezekiel Elliott: "There's No Panic In This Locker Room"
2017-10-04 Dak Prescott: Respect For Rodgers & Packers
2017-10-04 Anthony Hitchens: "I'm Healthy...Ready To Go"
2017-10-04 Cowboys This Morning: October 4th
2017-10-04 Cowboys Insider: Play the Full 60
2017-10-05 Cowboys Break: Facing The Packers Defense
2017-10-05 Garrett: Injury Updates; Defending Rodgers
2017-10-05 Hangin' With The Boys: Jumbo Joe Looney Joins The Show
2017-10-05 Rod Marinelli: Defending Rodgers; Irving Returns; More
2017-10-05 Scott Linehan: "We're Still Finding Our Identity"
2017-10-05 Jason Witten: On Packers Rivalry; 3rd Down Issues
2017-10-05 Maliek Collins: Need To "Rush Smarter" vs. GB
2017-10-06 Cowboys This Morning: October 6th
2017-10-06 Garrett: Final Prep For Hosting Green Bay
2017-10-06 Somos Cowboys: Preparación para el juego ante los Packers
2017-10-06 Talkin' Cowboys: What To Expect For #GBvsDAL
2017-10-06 Special Edition: Not Going to Lose Confidence
2017-10-06 Jason Garrett Show: Tale of Two Halfs
2017-10-06 Emmitt Smith: Cowboys Could've Won "4 Or 5 Straight"
2017-10-06 Emmitt Smith Plays "Name That Cowboy"
2017-10-08 Pregame Live: #GBvDAL
2017-10-08 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 5 - Packers vs. Cowboys
2017-10-08 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 10/8/17 vs. GB
2017-10-08 Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference - 10/8/17 vs. GB
2017-10-08 Jerry Jones: On GB Loss; Clock Management
2017-10-08 Jason Witten: On Packer Loss; Upcoming Bye
2017-10-08 Primer Vistazo: Packers remontan partido ante Cowboys
2017-10-08 Cowboys OT Postgame: #GBvsDAL
2017-10-08 David Irving: "We Just Didn't Get The Job Done"
2017-10-08 Jaylon Smith: "Very Confident" Headed Into Bye
2017-10-09 Cowboys This Morning: October 9th
2017-10-09 Cadena de Plata Radio: Anotación en momento culminante
2017-10-09 Hangin' With The Boys: Misplays On Defense
2017-10-09 DCC Podcast: Kickoff With Robin & Amy L
2017-10-09 Garrett: Thoughts After Watching GB Film
2017-10-09 Quick Snap: Aaron Rodgers In "The Heartbreak Kid"
2017-10-09 Cover 4: Getting Over Week 5
2017-10-10 Cowboys Hour: Dak Prescott
2017-10-10 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 5 vs. Packers
2017-10-10 Dak Prescott Highlights vs. Packers
2017-10-10 Hangin' With The Boys: Bye Week Fan Calls
2017-10-10 Cowboys This Morning: October 10th
2017-10-10 Film Room: Three Key Plays From The GB Loss
2017-10-11 Cowboys Break: Striking Out With Carroll
2017-10-11 Cowboys This Morning: October 11th
2017-10-11 Talkin' Cowboys: Big Picture Bye Week
2017-10-11 Orlando Scandrick: "No Comment"
2017-10-11 Dan Bailey: "It's An Ongoing Discussion"
2017-10-11 #AskTheBoys: Bringing Back Barry Church?
2017-10-12 Cowboys Insider: Time to Refocus
2017-10-12 Draft Show: 2017 Review & 2018 Preview
2017-10-12 Garrett: On Carroll, Paea, Team Meetings, More
2017-10-12 Talkin' Cowboys Break: Optimistic Going Forward?
2017-10-12 Travis Frederick: What Needs To Improve?
2017-10-13 Cowboys This Morning: October 13th
2017-10-13 Somos Cowboys ante descanso obligado
2017-10-13 Special Edition: Self Evaluate
2017-10-13 Jason Garrett Show: We Have To Impove
2017-10-14 Análisis de Juego: El prometedor regreso de David Irving
2017-10-16 Cover 4: Bye Week Edition
2017-10-16 Cowboys This Morning: October 16th
2017-10-16 DCC Podcast: Lacey & Maggie
2017-10-17 Cowboys This Morning: October 17th
2017-10-17 Film Room: David Irving Returns
2017-10-17 Cowboys Hour: Anthony Brown & Kavon Frazier
2017-10-17 #GBvsDAL Game Day Girl - Jessika
2017-10-17 Table Talk: Fading Stars
2017-10-17 Cover 4: Catching Up After The Bye
2017-10-17 Lewis: "We Just Have To Do, What We Have To Do"
2017-10-18 Cowboys This Morning: October 18th
2017-10-18 Cowboys Break: A Look At The Legal Side
2017-10-18 Garrett: Zeke Update; SF Prep Underway
2017-10-18 Cowboys Legends: Sherman Williams
2017-10-18 Cowboys Insider: Revive The Season
2017-10-18 Talkin' Cowboys: Most Impactful Rookie?
2017-10-18 Ezekiel Elliott: On The Struggle To Clear His Name
2017-10-18 Dak Prescott: On Zeke's Impact On The Field
2017-10-18 Cover 4: Sights Set On San Francisco
2017-10-19 Cowboys Break: 49ers Scouting Report
2017-10-19 Dallas Cowboys Legends Radio Show: Mel Renfro
2017-10-19 Hangin' With The Boys: Let's Stop The Run, Please!
2017-10-19 DCC: Making the Team: Episode 1212 Sneak Peek
2017-10-19 Rod Marinelli: Missing Sean Lee; Lack Of Turnovers
2017-10-19 Witten: On Keeping Distractions Out Of The Locker Room
2017-10-19 DeMarcus Lawrence: Stopping The Run; Facing Double Teams
2017-10-20 Cowboys Break: Week 7 Crazy Predictions
2017-10-20 Talkin' Cowboys: What To Expect For #DALvsSF
2017-10-20 DCC Swim Spotlight: Cersten, Jessika & Tasha
2017-10-20 Blueprint: Keys To Victory Over The 49ers
2017-10-20 Jason Garrett Show: It's Always A Good Time
2017-10-20 Friday Night Stars
2017-10-20 Plan de Juego: Predicciones para Cowboys versus 49ers
2017-10-22 Cover 4: Back In 49ers Country
2017-10-22 Pregame Live: #DALvsSF
2017-10-22 Ezekiel Elliott Highlights vs. 49ers
2017-10-22 Cowboys OT Postgame: #DALvsSF
2017-10-22 HIGHLIGHTS: Week 7 - Cowboys vs. 49ers
2017-10-22 Jeff Heath: On Stepping In At Kicker For Bailey
2017-10-22 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 10/22/17 vs. SF
2017-10-22 Ezekiel Elliott: On Huge Performance vs. 49ers
2017-10-22 Jerry Jones: Zeke's Big Day; National Anthem; More
2017-10-23 DeMarcus Lawrence: On Pace For 25 Sacks?
2017-10-23 Talkin' Cowboys: What Stood Out In San Fran?
2017-10-23 DCC Swim Spotlight: Milan, Madeline & Heather
2017-10-23 Hangin' With The Boys: Back On Track
2017-10-23 DCC Podcast: Jinelle & KaShara
2017-10-23 Garrett: Thoughts After Watching 49ers Film
2017-10-23 Cover 4: A Much-Needed West Coast Win
2017-10-24 Cowboys This Morning: October 24th
2017-10-24 Cowboys Break: A Look Around The NFC
2017-10-24 DCC Swim Spotlight: Elizabeth, Maggie & Selina
2017-10-24 Talkin' Cowboys: Would You Choose Dak Or Wentz?
2017-10-24 Cadena de Plata Radio: Grandiosa anotación de Ezekiel Elliott 
2017-10-24 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech After Win In SF
2017-10-24 Hangin' With The Boys: Fan Call Tuesday
2017-10-24 Film Room: Zeke's Big Plays; Heath The Kicker
2017-10-24 La'el Collins: Settled In At Right Tackle?
2017-10-24 Tyrone Crawford: On Defense Finally Stepping Up
2017-10-24 Cover 4: Best TD Celebration From Week 7?
2017-10-24 Table Talk: Giving Back
2017-10-25 Cowboys This Morning: October 25th
2017-10-25 Garrett: Signing Nugent; Releasing Moore
2017-10-25 Cowboys Break: Scouting The Redskins Offense
2017-10-25 Análisis de Juego: Jugadas clave ante los 49ers
2017-10-25 Talkin' Cowboys: Striking Out In Free Agency?
2017-10-25 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Redskins Defense Preview
2017-10-25 Ezekiel Elliott: Building Off The Big Win
2017-10-25 Dak Prescott: Red Zone Efficiency; Offensive Identity
2017-10-25 Travis Frederick: Cooper's Growth; Playing Through Injury
2017-10-25 Cowboys Insider: Back On Track
2017-10-25 Cover 4: Washington Around The Corner
2017-10-26 Throwback: Aikman Throws 5 TDs In Historic Comeback
2017-10-26 Cowboys Break: Scouting The Redskins Defense
2017-10-26 Garrett: Facing The Redskins; Lawrence Maturing
2017-10-26 Talkin' Cowboys: Defending Washington's Weapons
2017-10-26 Rod Marinelli: Defending Cousins; Is Taco Improving?
2017-10-26 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Tyrone Crawford Stops By
2017-10-27 Somos Cowboys rumbo a la capital
2017-10-27 Cowboys Break: Week 8 Crazy Predictions
2017-10-27 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Fridays With Broaddus
2017-10-27 Talkin' Cowboys: What To Expect For #DALvsWAS
2017-10-27 Cover 4: Sweet as Lemonade
2017-10-27 Dez Bryant: On Facing "Frenemy" Josh Norman
2017-10-27 Sean Lee: "We're Trying To Build Continuitity"
2017-10-27 Jason Garrett Show: Get Hungry
2017-10-27 Friday Night Stars: 10-26-17
2017-10-29 Pregame Live: #DALvsWAS
2017-10-30 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference - 10/2917 @ WAS
2017-10-30 Scandrick: "The Character Of Our Team Is How We Rush FGs"
2017-10-30 Ezekiel Elliott: On Fumble; O-Line's "Perfect" Game; Trial & More
2017-10-30 Cowboys OT Postgame: #DALvsWAS
2017-10-30 Sean Lee: Reason For Improved Defensive Play?
2017-10-30 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys mojados, pero victoriosos ante Redskins
2017-10-30 Cowboys This Morning: October 30th
2017-10-30 Cowboys Break: Standouts From #DALvsWAS
2017-10-30 Talkin' Cowboys: Breaking Down The Week 8 Win
2017-10-30 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Is This Defense Legit?
2017-10-30 Quick Snap: Another Cowboys-Redskins Classic
2017-10-30 Cover 4: Trade Deadline Dreaming
2017-10-31 Cadena de Plata Radio: Intercepción y anotación de Byron Jones
2017-10-31 Cowboys Break: Why No Trades?
2017-10-31 DCC Swim Spotlight: Amy & Khalyn
2017-10-31 DCC Swim Spotlight: KaShara, Stephanie & Kelsey
2017-10-31 DCC Swim Spotlight: Robin, Yuko, Tess & Lacey
2017-10-31 Jerry Jones: On Zeke Ruling, Goodell, NFL & More
2017-10-31 Talkin' Cowboys: Detailing The Zeke Decision
2017-10-31 Hangin' With The 'Boys: Life Without Zeke
2017-10-31 Mic'd Behind the Bench: Week 8 at Washington
2017-10-31 Cover 4: Halloween Edition
2017-10-31 Table Talk: Distractions