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Cowboys Catch-Up

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Catch-Up: Recapping First Week Of 2021 Offseason


Regardless of the situation, a game week is always filled with news and storylines from both sides of the ball.

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will get you fully prepared, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week. Head into Sunday's game by catching up on everything you need to know from this week, courtesy of the staff.


  • The Cowboys' 2020 season is over. Now what? What needs to improve this offseason? Isaiah Stanback, Rob Phillips, and Hek'ma Harrison discuss the most important offseason moves. **[Watch Talkin’ Cowboys on the start of the offseason**]
  • The Cowboys' defense was a steady target of criticism all season. The day after the season ended, DeMarcus Lawrence spoke about their first-year defensive coordinator. "Lawrence hinted that the speculation over the players struggling under first year Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan's schemes were at least partially founded in reality," Jonny Auping writes. "He also implied those struggles were the result of so much playing time by inexperienced players." **[Auping on Tank’s comments on Nolan and his promise for 2021**]
  • Stephen Jones didn't wait a full day into the 2021 offseason to reiterate a point that he's spent nearly a year trying to convince Cowboys fans of: "This is Dak's team." **[Rob Phillips on Jones’ comments on the quarterback**]


  • The Cowboys came up short against the Giants, and the game felt like a microcosm of the 2020 season. But Mickey Spagnola has thoughts on the controversial no-challenge. **[Watch Mick Shots after the the Cowboys final loss of the season**]
  • Mike McCarthy's first season with the Cowboys was probably the strangest he'll ever coach through. He only has a moment to reflect on it. "On this first, strange day of the offseason, McCarthy conducted exit interviews with the veterans on his roster," writes David Helman. "From there, he'll meet on Tuesday with his younger players. It goes without saying that McCarthy's next Cowboys team won't be the same as this one, but he said this step can begin the process of starting over for another go." **[Helman on McCarthy’s lookback on a uniquely challenging season**]
  • There are plenty of things for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys to figure out this offseason, but the most pressing is his health. According to Mike McCarthy, Prescott's recovery is "on track." **[Rob Phillips on Dak’s health and status going into 2021**]



  • For as frustrating as the season might have been, the Cowboys had a shot at the playoffs in Week 17, just one of a number of crazy weeks for the team in 2020. Dani Sureck looks back at the Giants game and the 2020 season, then looks forward to the offseason. **[Watch Cowboys Flashback**]
  • What does another seasoning coming to a close mean for Sean Lee? "Lee has been living in the moment this season, not focusing on his football future," writes Rob Phillips. "Now that the Cowboys have been eliminated from playoff contention, the 11-year veteran says he'll take some time to think about what's next." **[Phillips on Lee’s offseason decision**]
  • Nobody wants to win as much as Jerry Jones. But there also might not be anyone better at successfully building a brand and getting that brand to the highest platforms. Jones spoke on the clashing of those dynamics this week. **[Eatman on how Jones views brand and rating versus wins**]


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