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Articles - January 2020

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2020-01-02 Mailbag: What Should Expectations Be For 2020?
2020-01-02 Sean Lee entre los jugadores con un futuro incierto
2020-01-02 Rank’Em: Dak or Romo For All-Decade QB?
2020-01-03 Mick Shots: Y’all Want Jerry To Shake A Leg
2020-01-03 As Week Concludes, Still No News on Staff 
2020-01-03 Aún no hay noticias oficiales sobre el estatus de Jason Garrett
2020-01-03 Mailbag: Surprised By The Wait This Week?
2020-01-03 Zack Martin Gets Another AP All-Pro Selection
2020-01-03 Spagnola: Can’t Understand Woody’s Exclusion
2020-01-05 Cowboys Part Ways With Jason Garrett
2020-01-06 Tras una larga espera, Cowboys se separan de Jason Garrett
2020-01-06 What’s Next For The Cowboys In Coaching Search?
2020-01-06 Cowboys en busca de un nuevo entrenador en jefe
2020-01-06 Reports: Cowboys Close To Deal With McCarthy
2020-01-06 Según reportes, Cowboys podrían contratar a Mike McCarthy
2020-01-07 Spagnola: Jason Stood Tall During Crazy Ride
2020-01-07 Mailbag: Jason Garrett’s Legacy In Dallas?
2020-01-07 Favre Says McCarthy “Will Be Good For Dak”
2020-01-07 Mike McCarthy Officially Hired As Head Coach
2020-01-07 Reporte Oficial: Mike McCarthy nuevo entrenador en jefe de los Cowboys
2020-01-07 Reports: McCarthy Eying Mike Nolan As DC
2020-01-08 Kellen Moore Expected Back; 2 Assistants Added
2020-01-08 Mailbag: What Led To The Mike McCarthy Hiring?
2020-01-08 Cambios en el cuerpo técnico de los Cowboys
2020-01-08 McCarthy on 3-4 or 4-3, Dez Catch, Dak & More
2020-01-08 Did Dez Catch It? Mike McCarthy Weighs In
2020-01-08 McCarthy Promises “Unwavering” Commitment 
2020-01-09 Jones Opens Up About The Jason Garrett Decision
2020-01-09 McCarthy’s Staff Figures To Bring Experience
2020-01-09 Mike McCarthy habla con los medios de Dallas por primera vez
2020-01-09 Mick Shots: Talk About Living Right These Days
2020-01-09 Mailbag: How Much Will The Defense Change?
2020-01-09 Amari Cooper, Jaylon Smith Named To Pro Bowl
2020-01-09 Amari Cooper y Jaylon Smith agregados al Pro Bowl
2020-01-09 McCarthy Won The Job In 12-Hour Interview
2020-01-09 Draft Show Recap: Assessing The Cowboys’ Needs
2020-01-10 Boxeo: Garcia vs Vargas llega al Ford Center en The Star
2020-01-10 Villalba: Nueva era en The Star en Frisco
2020-01-10 Mailbag: Team’s Potential Under Mike McCarthy?
2020-01-10 Dak & Amari “Obvious Ones” to Bring Back
2020-01-10 Why Dak’s Game Is “Very Impressive” To McCarthy
2020-01-10 Spagnola: No Head-Coaching Honeymoon Here
2020-01-10 Muy probable que Cooper y Prescott continúen siendo Cowboys
2020-01-10 Rhythm & Blue: Auditions | 2020
2020-01-11 First 1-on-1 With Coach Mike McCarthy
2020-01-13 Jimmy Johnson To Get Hall of Fame Induction
2020-01-13 Jerry Jones Congratulates Jimmy Johnson On HOF
2020-01-13 Jimmy Johnson nuevo miembro del Salón de la Fama
2020-01-13 Mailbag: Assessing Dak Prescott’s 4th Season?
2020-01-13 What Will The Run Game Be Like Under McCarthy?
2020-01-13 CowBuzz: Jimmy’s Support – Coach O to Sandler
2020-01-14 Mailbag: Most Memorable Jimmy Johnson Moment?
2020-01-14 McCarthy dispuesto a implementar el uso de analíticas 
2020-01-14 Rod Marinelli Expected To Join Raiders’ Staff
2020-01-14 Woods Accepts Blame; But Predicts Super Bowl
2020-01-15 Cliff Harris Elected To Pro Football Hall of Fame
2020-01-15 Mailbag: What Does The Cap Situation Look Like?
2020-01-15 Notas: Según informes, Garrett planea reunirse con los Giants
2020-01-15 Eatman: No Reason To Leave Drew Pearson Out
2020-01-15 Cowboys Close To Another Re-Peete Hire?
2020-01-15 Leighton Vander Esch sometido a cirugía de cuello
2020-01-15 Mick Shots: Two Out Of Four Halls Ain’t Bad
2020-01-16 Mailbag: Chance Of Compensatory Draft Picks?
2020-01-16 Ankle Surgery For Pro Bowl Guard Zack Martin
2020-01-16 Guardia Zack Martin sometido a cirugía de tobillo
2020-01-16 Draft Show Recap: Possibly Switching To A 3-4?
2020-01-17 Kellen Moore to Handle Play-Calling Duties
2020-01-17 McCarthy Confirms Staff Changes; Al Harris Added
2020-01-17 McCarthy on 4-3, Senior Bowl, Witten & More
2020-01-17 Lista de los nuevos entrenadores de los Cowboys
2020-01-17 Mailbag: What To Expect From Nolan’s Defense?
2020-01-17 Defensa 4-3, Futuro de Witten, Conversación con Dak y más
2020-01-17 DCC Featured in Inside Dance Magazine
2020-01-17 What’s The Best Thing Mike McCarthy Has Said?
2020-01-17 Spagnola: There’s No Time To Smell The Roses
2020-01-18 Giants Officially Hire Jason Garrett As OC
2020-01-18 Jason Garrett nuevo coordinador ofensivo de los Giants
2020-01-20 Mailbag: How Will New Changes Impact The Draft?
2020-01-20 10 Senior Bowl Names To Know For The Cowboys
2020-01-20 Rank’Em: 10 Cowboys With Legit HOF Arguments
2020-01-21 Mailbag: How Different Will The Offense Be?
2020-01-21 A Closer Look At McCarthy’s ‘Year Of Reflection’
2020-01-21 DCC - Dancing Driven, Determined to Be Brave
2020-01-21 McCarthy recibió un "regalo con un propósito"
2020-01-21 Stephen Jones: Dak Is Top Offseason Priority
2020-01-21 Senior Bowl: Moving To Players-First Mentality?
2020-01-22 Unsung Stars From Day 1 Of The Senior Bowl
2020-01-22 Senior Bowl: ¿Cambio de filosofía tradicional?
2020-01-22 Mailbag: Investing In The Defensive Line?
2020-01-22 Cowboys Sign Kicker, DT To Reserve/Future List
2020-01-22 Cowboys firman nuevo pateador y tackle defensivo
2020-01-22 How Will The Coaching Change Affect This Draft?
2020-01-22 Mick Shots: Running Around Old School Style
2020-01-23 Senior Bowl Recap: The No-Name Safety To Know
2020-01-23 Mailbag: If The NFL Draft Started Today …
2020-01-23 Where Byron Jones Might Fit Into Cowboys’ Plans
2020-01-23 Elite QB Market Another Reason To Pay Dak Now
2020-01-24 Mailbag: How Will Coaching Changes Impact Dak?
2020-01-24 Senior Bowl Winners Who May Fit In Dallas
2020-01-24 Receptor abierto Amari Cooper comenta sobre su contrato
2020-01-24 Spagnola: Going 8-8 Real Hard To Swallow
2020-01-27 Cooper Gets TD In Heavy-Hearted Pro Bowl
2020-01-27 Cowboys Heartbroken Over Kobe‘s Death 
2020-01-27 Mailbag: More Aggressive In Free Agency?
2020-01-27 Fassel Giving ‘Blank Slate’ To Special Teams 
2020-01-27 Kellen Moore: “Collaborative” Effort On Offense
2020-01-27 How Will DC Nolan Fit Scheme To His Players?
2020-01-27 Nuevo cuerpo técnico de los Cowboys habla por primera vez
2020-01-27 Coaching Staff Finalized; Listing 20 Assistants
2020-01-27 CowBuzz: Witten Shares Impactful Kobe Story
2020-01-28 How the Dallas Cowboys Were Born in 1960
2020-01-28 Mailbag: Breakout Cowboys Players In 2020?
2020-01-28 Lista completa de los nuevos entrenadores de los Cowboys
2020-01-28 Rob Davis Plans To Develop Cowboys Locker Room
2020-01-28 Cowboys Commemorate Team's 60th Anniversary
2020-01-29 Dak On McCarthy’s Hiring, Contract Talks, More
2020-01-29 Dak habla de contrato a largo plazo, McCarthy y más
2020-01-29 Mailbag: Most Memorable Cowboys Moment?
2020-01-29 Linguist Moving Up & Coming Home All At Once 
2020-01-30 Mailbag: Possible Changes On Special Teams?
2020-01-30 Cowboys Have Found Gold (Jackets) At No. 17 
2020-01-30 Dak Reflects On The Past, ‘Excited’ For Future
2020-01-30 Dak reflexiona en el pasado, 'emocionado' por el futuro
2020-01-30 Draft Show Recap: Senior Bowl, Swaps & Scenarios 
2020-01-30 Jason Witten Leaning Toward Playing In 2020
2020-01-30 Witten quiere regresar para otra temporada en Dallas
2020-01-31 Mailbag: What’s Next For Blake Jarwin?
2020-01-31 Updates: Where Did Dak Improve Most In 2019?
2020-01-31 Nussmeier Excited For Chance To Work With Dak
2020-01-31 Staff Picks: Can Frederick Get NFL Honors Votes?