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Articles - July 2020

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2020-07-01 Mailbag: McCarthy’s Impact On Coverage?
2020-07-01 Is This Mike McCarthy’s Most Experienced Team?
2020-07-01 Mike McCarthy confía en la experiencia de su equipo
2020-07-01 Mick Shots: These Are All Over The Place
2020-07-02 Mailbag: Most Important Injury Concern?
2020-07-02 Helman: If Deadlines Make Deals, Now’s The Time
2020-07-02 Tyler Biadasz competirá entre un grupo lleno de veteranos
2020-07-02 Biadasz’s O-Line Career Almost Never Happened
2020-07-03 Mailbag: Level Of Concern About LB Health?
2020-07-03 O-Line: 6 Options To Replace Travis Frederick
2020-07-03 Rank' Em: Stacking Dak vs. QBs on 2020 Schedule
2020-07-03 Cowboys tienen 6 opciones para reemplazar a Travis Frederick
2020-07-03 Spagnola: How The Cowboys Won The East
2020-07-06 Mailbag: Are We Writing Off Forbath Too Soon?
2020-07-06 Clasificación: Dak Prescott vs quarterbacks en temporada 2020
2020-07-06 Brooks: Expect Cowboys To Use Some 3-4 Looks
2020-07-07 Mailbag: How Does Mahomes’ Deal Impact Dak?
2020-07-07 ¿Cómo afecta el acuerdo de Mahomes a Dak?
2020-07-07 5 Questions As The Dak Deal Deadline Nears
2020-07-08 Mailbag: Mike McCarthy’s Biggest Strength?
2020-07-08 CowBuzz: Zeke Takes “Feed Me” To Next Level
2020-07-08 Tackle defensivo será uno de los cambios más visibles
2020-07-09 Spagnola: Beating Mahomes Deal Over 5 Years
2020-07-09 Mailbag: Al Harris’ Impact On The Cornerbacks?
2020-07-09 Rank’ Em: Best OU Sooners in Cowboys History
2020-07-09 Cómo DT Gallimore puede contribuir de inmediato
2020-07-10 DT: What Can Trysten Hill Add To This Group?
2020-07-10 Mailbag: Most Versatile Player On The Team?
2020-07-10 ¿Podrá Trysten Hill encontrar un rol en la lista?
2020-07-10 Mick Shots: NFL Now Closing In On ‘We’ll See’
2020-07-13 Mailbag: Making Sense Of The Coming Season
2020-07-13 Se acerca la fecha límite para un nuevo acuerdo con Dak
2020-07-14 Mailbag: Why Is There A Franchise Tag Deadline?
2020-07-14 Cowboys, Dak Not Alone As Tag Deadline Looms
2020-07-14 Cowboys necesitan una gran temporada de Xavier Woods
2020-07-15 CowBuzz: Jaylon Hosts Inaugural MEI Showcase
2020-07-15 Mailbag: Does Coronavirus Affect The Tag?
2020-07-15 Dak To Play 2020 Season With No New Contract
2020-07-15 Dak jugará la temporada 2020 sin un nuevo contrato
2020-07-15 Rank'Em: After Dak, Who Else Needs New Deal?
2020-07-15 Gut Feeling: With No New Dak Deal, What Next?
2020-07-15 CowBuzz: Zeke Speaks To South Oak Cliff HS
2020-07-15 Spagnola: Lots Of Money Being Left On The Table
2020-07-16 Mailbag: Where Does It Go From Here For Dak?
2020-07-16 UnitedHealthcare Team Up To Serve | 2020
2020-07-16 Posición de profundo: ¿Podría Wilson convertirse en titular?
2020-07-17 Mailbag: How Will The Negotiation Change In 2021?
2020-07-17 Safety: Majority of Position in “Contract Year”
2020-07-17 2020 es una temporada importante para los profundos
2020-07-17 Zeke Is Absolutely Right — Just Check The Stats
2020-07-17 Mick Shots: Hitting Dak, Caps, Corona & Masks
2020-07-20 Mailbag: Dak Throwing Deep More? Latest On Camp?
2020-07-20 Novatos comenzarán a reportarse para el campamento
2020-07-20 NFL, Union Agree To Daily Testing To Start Camp
2020-07-20 La NFL y la Unión acuerdan realizar pruebas diarias para inicio de campamento
2020-07-20 CowBuzz: Cowboys Offseason Community Efforts
2020-07-21 Mailbag: Changing Next Year’s Draft Strategy?
2020-07-21 Michael Bennett Announces Retirement From NFL
2020-07-21 Michael Bennett anuncia su retiro de la NFL
2020-07-21 Name To Know: Joe Jackson Enters Year 2
2020-07-22 Mailbag: A Big Difference At Defensive Tackle?
2020-07-22 NFLPA Tells Players No Preseason Games In 2020
2020-07-22 NFLPA dice que no habrá juegos de pretemporada en 2020
2020-07-22 Eatman: Trickle-Down Effect of No Preseason
2020-07-22 Bucky Brooks: Scouting Report on Rookie QB
2020-07-22 Name To Know: Cedrick Wilson & The WR Battle
2020-07-23 Mick Shots: Getting Short-Changed Is In The Air
2020-07-23 Mailbag: Taking A Guess At The Final Roster?
2020-07-23 First-Round Pick CeeDee Lamb Agrees To Terms
2020-07-23 WR CeeDee Lamb acepta los términos de su contrato
2020-07-23 Former Cowboys Assistant John Blake Passes Away
2020-07-23 Rank'Em: Best Position Group – QB, WR or OT?
2020-07-23 Name to Know: Safety Thompson Adds Versatility
2020-07-24 Mailbag: More Explosive Plays On Offense?
2020-07-24 CowBuzz: 5 Sports Emmy Nominations For Cowboys
2020-07-24 Name To Know: Opportunity For Rookie TE McKeon
2020-07-24 ¿Habrá más jugadas explosivas en la ofensiva de los Cowboys?
2020-07-24 NFL, NFLPA Agree To Open Camp On Time
2020-07-24 Spagnola: Season Depends On The Do-Right Rule
2020-07-25 Lamb, Rest of Draft Class Officially Sign Contracts
2020-07-25 Lamb y el resto de la clase del draft firman sus contratos
2020-07-27 Mailbag: Did The Seahawks Overpay For Adams?
2020-07-27 Name To Know: Luke Gifford Could Add LB Depth
2020-07-27 20 Questions: Who Will Start At CB Position?
2020-07-27 Rookies, Selected Veterans Returned to The Star
2020-07-27 Novatos y ciertos veterano regresaron a The Star
2020-07-27 Maurice Canady Expected To Opt Out Of Season
2020-07-27 Maurice Canady decide ausentarse de la temporada 2020
2020-07-28 Mailbag: How To Account For Absent Fans?
2020-07-28 Cowboys Sign Antwaun Woods, Waive Two Players
2020-07-28 Cambios en la lista de los Cowboys
2020-07-28 Name To Know: Don’t Forget The “Other” Kicker
2020-07-28 CowBuzz: Frederick Still Tackling Childhood Hunger
2020-07-28 Tyrone Crawford y Dontari Poe colocados en la lista de PUP
2020-07-28 20Q: What Happens When Players Opt Out?
2020-07-29 Mailbag: How Does COVID Affect The Draft?
2020-07-29 CowBuzz: Dak Donating Big On His Big Day
2020-07-29 Name to Know: Door Opens Now For CJ Goodwin
2020-07-29 Rookies Acclimating To A Unique First Camp
2020-07-29 Novatos están pasando por un campamento bastante inusual
2020-07-29 20Q: Who Takes Over For Travis Frederick?
2020-07-29 Mick Shots: Ready, Set, Here We Go For Real
2020-07-30 Mailbag: Competition For The Punter Job?
2020-07-30 Season Ticket Holder Options For The 2020 Season
2020-07-30 Opciones para los compradores de boletos de temporada 2020
2020-07-30 Name To Know: Cam Erving Has Dak’s Back
2020-07-30 Trevon Diggs Says He’s Ready To Compete
2020-07-30 Trevon Diggs dice estar listo para competir por la titularidad
2020-07-30 Stephen Jones: We Have 100 Percent Belief in Dak
2020-07-31 Stephen Jones: Confiamos cien por ciento en Dak
2020-07-31 Mailbag: Configuring A COVID-19 Practice Squad?
2020-07-31 Stephen Jones on New Challenges, WRs & More
2020-07-31 20Q: Which Players Are Primed For A Big Season?
2020-07-31 Stephen Jones habló sobre nuevos desafíos, WR y más
2020-07-31 Gallery: Cowboys Make Visible Changes at The Star
2020-07-31 Imágenes de los cambios dentro las instalaciones de los Cowboys
2020-07-31 Spagnola: This Needs To Be The ‘Magnificent 7’