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Articles - April 2020

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2020-04-01 Cowboys Spearhead Relief & Recovery Effort
2020-04-01 Mailbag: What About The DT Depth Chart?
2020-04-01 Doc of the Day: “Too Tall” Calls It A Comeback
2020-04-01 What’s Up: An Opportunity For Joe Jackson?
2020-04-01 Bucky Brooks: Scouting Report on Gerald McCoy
2020-04-01 2020 podría servir como gran oportunidad para Joe Jackson
2020-04-01 Mick Shots: No Foolin’ Around This Offseason
2020-04-02 Reports: Cowboys Seek To Add DE Aldon Smith
2020-04-02 Reportes: Cowboys buscan añadir a DE Aldon Smith
2020-04-02 Mailbag: Finding Pass Rush Help From Outside?
2020-04-02 Aldon Smith’s Long Journey Lands Him in Dallas
2020-04-02 Doc of the Day: Leon’s Decision To “Lett it Ride”
2020-04-02 Cowboys Draft Guide: Digital Version On Sale!
2020-04-02 Conoce la historia del ala defensiva Aldon Smith
2020-04-02 How Good Were Aldon Smith's First 3 Years?
2020-04-03 Mailbag: DT Depth? Frederick’s Legacy?
2020-04-03 Doc of the Day: Quincy Carter & Tony Romo
2020-04-03 What's Up: Is Jumbo Joe The Frontrunner?
2020-04-03 Spagnola: Draft Might Make Or Break Offseason
2020-04-06 Mailbag: Did Free Agency Accomplish Enough?
2020-04-06 Why April 6 Once Was A Key Date For Cowboys
2020-04-06 Doc of the Day: Dilemma of Randy, Michael & Joey
2020-04-06 What's Up: A Return To Dominance For Tank?
2020-04-06 Smith, Martin Named To NFL All-Decade Team
2020-04-06 ¿Podrá DeMarcus Lawrence volver a ser dominante?
2020-04-06 Bucky Brooks: Scouting Report on Aldon Smith
2020-04-07 Mailbag: Navigating A Virtual Draft This Year?
2020-04-07 Cowboys Bonded To Dempsey’s Record Kick
2020-04-07 Doc of the Day: The Stories Behind “Doomsday II”
2020-04-07 What’s Up: How Can Fassel Help Chris Jones?
2020-04-07 Fassel podría hacer que Chris Jones vuelva a ser eficaz 
2020-04-07 Possible Pick: Baun Virtually Visits With Cowboys 
2020-04-07 How The Cowboys Can Handle An Install Remotely
2020-04-07 Cowboys Looking To Strike D-Line Gold Again
2020-04-08 Mailbag: Which Is The Bigger Draft Priority?
2020-04-08 Doc of the Day: Emmitt Smith’s Greatest Moment
2020-04-08 Possible Pick: Cowboys Get Closer Look at Fulton
2020-04-08 Cowboys Have In-House Options to Replace Cobb
2020-04-08 Jugadores disponibles tras la partida de Randall Cobb
2020-04-08 Mick Shots: History Lessons Keeping Us Engaged
2020-04-09 Mailbag: Can Tony Pollard Play In The Slot?
2020-04-09 Possible Pick: How Murray Would Boost LB Group
2020-04-09 CowBuzz: Zeke Eating Up Chance To Give Back
2020-04-09 Draft Show: 5 Mid-Round Options at Center
2020-04-09 Cowboys To Raise Funds In 3-Day “Draft-A-Thon”
2020-04-10 Doc of the Day: Tony Dorsett “Runs to Daylight”
2020-04-10 Mailbag: Which Addition Will Make The Most Impact?
2020-04-10 Possible Pick: Auburn’s Davidson Has Versatility
2020-04-10 Aldon Smith Discusses “Soul Searching” Journey
2020-04-10 Don’t Overlook These 5 Free Agency Moves
2020-04-10 Contrataciones que no hay que dejar pasar por alto
2020-04-10 Spagnola: So Many Needs, So Few Draft Picks
2020-04-10 Doc of the Day: Cowboys Went To “Switzerland”
2020-04-13 Mailbag: Effects Of Holding A Virtual Draft?
2020-04-13 Doc of the Day: Witten Was “Driven” To Succeed
2020-04-13 Draft: DT Javon Kinlaw aporta gran tamaño
2020-04-13 Possible Pick: Could Hurts Be Backup QB Option?
2020-04-13 Should The Cowboys Draft QB Depth Behind Dak?
2020-04-14 Cowboys May Begin Virtual Offseason on April 20
2020-04-14 Mailbag: Any More Moves Before The Draft?
2020-04-14 Cowboys pueden iniciar programa voluntario el 20 de abril
2020-04-14 Possible Pick: Finding A Fit For A Dynamic RB?
2020-04-14 Is Drafting Another Running Back A Possibility?
2020-04-14 Cowboys Have Spoken To Dak, Zeke About Party
2020-04-14 Staff Writers Each Reveal Initial 7-Round Mock
2020-04-14 Doc of the Day: Roy Williams Was “The Late Hit”
2020-04-15 Mailbag: What To Do With Remaining Cap Space?
2020-04-15 Possible Pick: Davis Brings an NFL-Ready Frame
2020-04-15 Cowboys Will Address WR Position; But When? 
2020-04-15 Mick Shots: Keeping On Despite Postponements
2020-04-15 Doc of the Day: Roger Staubach’s Last Rally
2020-04-16 Mailbag: Another Option At Slot Receiver?
2020-04-16 Possible Pick: Higgins Offers Strong Possibilities
2020-04-16 Doc of the Day: Crawford Shares Frightful Night
2020-04-16 Cowboys reforzarán la posición de WR; ¿Pero cuándo?
2020-04-16 Will Witten’s Departure Lead To More Production?
2020-04-16 Draft Show: Latest Mock Includes Trade With NE
2020-04-16 How The Cowboys Lucked Out Drafting Emmitt
2020-04-17 Mailbag: Finding Help In The Return Game?
2020-04-17 Jamie Foxx, D-Ware To Host Virtual Draft Party
2020-04-17 Possible Pick: TCU’s Reagor Can Help At 2 Spots
2020-04-17 Jamie Foxx y D-Ware conducirán el Draft virtual
2020-04-17 Doc of the Day: When Bill Parcells Took Over
2020-04-17 Draft Notes: QB Interest, Pass Rush & Trades
2020-04-17 Multiple Roles Must Be Replaced On The O-Line
2020-04-17 Updating Randy Gregory, Aldon Smith’s Status
2020-04-17 Stephen Jones actualiza el estatus de Smith y Gregory
2020-04-17 Spagnola: Gut-Wrenching Memory & Good Advice
2020-04-17 17 Real Possibilities For Cowboys No. 17 Pick
2020-04-20 Gerald McCoy Says Scheme Will “Let Me Be Me”
2020-04-20 Despite FA Moves, Cowboys Have Big DE Needs
2020-04-20 Mailbag: How Deep Is This Year’s Draft?
2020-04-20 Doc of the Day: LA Goes “Compton to Canton”
2020-04-20 Cowboys tienen grandes necesidades en ala defensiva
2020-04-20 A Look At Recent Success Found at Picks 15-20
2020-04-20 Cowboys Could Still Use Depth, Youth on D-Line
2020-04-20 Rank 'Em: Re-Doing The Famous 2011 NFL Draft
2020-04-21 Mailbag: Sleeper Draft Prospects On Defense?
2020-04-21 Doc of the Day: The “Building Blocks” of Moose
2020-04-21 Should Cowboys Get Insurance At LB Position?
2020-04-21 Rank 'Em: Cowboys' All-Time First-Round Steals
2020-04-21 Pese interés por un QB, Dak seguirá como titular
2020-04-21 Still 4-3 Scheme & Drafting QBs Among Hot Topics
2020-04-21 Esquema 4-3 y selección de QB entre temas candentes
2020-04-21 Cowboys Confident 17th Pick Gives Them Options
2020-04-21 Front Office Comfortable With Remote Draft
2020-04-22 Mailbag: Stand Pat Or Trade Back?
2020-04-22 Doc of the Day: The Jerry Jones Story – “Own It”
2020-04-22 Pick 6: These Players Can Improve Defense Now
2020-04-22 Will The Cowboys Corner The Market This Week?
2020-04-22 Mick Shots: Only Missing The Draft Day Catfish
2020-04-23 Draft Show: Revealing The Top 51 Prospects
2020-04-23 Mailbag: A Different Role For Jaylon Smith?
2020-04-23 Doc of the Day: When The “88s” Get Together
2020-04-23 Staff Writers Pick CB, Edge Rusher in Final Mock
2020-04-23 Is It Time To Find A Safety Of The Future?
2020-04-24 Cowboys Statement on Passing of Dak’s Brother
2020-04-24 1st-Round Pick CeeDee Lamb Can Elevate Offense
2020-04-24 Análisis de la selección de primera ronda CeeDee Lamb 
2020-04-24 Eatman: CeeDee Lamb is True Definition of ‘BPA’
2020-04-24 Cowboys Worth The Wait For CeeDee Lamb
2020-04-24 Gut Feeling: How Writers View CeeDee Lamb Pick
2020-04-24 CeeDee Lamb fue una sorpresa inesperada
2020-04-24 Spagnola: CeeDee Never In Their Wildest Dreams
2020-04-24 Rank'Em: 18 Possible Targets For Draft Day 2
2020-04-25 2nd-Round Pick Trevon Diggs Addresses Big Need
2020-04-25 Segunda ronda: Análisis del esquinero Trevon Diggs
2020-04-25 Neville Gallimore Brings Youth To DT Position
2020-04-25 Star Struck Diggs Lands On His Favorite Team
2020-04-25 Tercera ronda: Análisis del DT Neville Gallimore
2020-04-25 Gallimore Says Best Football Is "Coming Soon"
2020-04-25 Gut Feeling: Writers Grade Cowboys’ Day 2 Choices
2020-04-25 Cowboys “Living Right” After More Value Picks
2020-04-25 Cowboys felices tras reclutar más selecciones de valor
2020-04-25 Day 2 Draft Press Conference – Full Transcript
2020-04-25 Jones: NFL Draft A Good Diversion For Fans
2020-04-25 Cowboys Loading Up At CB With Tulsa’s Robinson
2020-04-25 Cuarta ronda: Más refuerzo en la posición de CB
2020-04-25 Cowboys Trade Up To Draft Center Biadasz
2020-04-25 Cowboys canjean para reclutar al centro Biadasz
2020-04-25 Cowboys Draft Potential DE Starter Anae
2020-04-25 Biadasz Follows Frederick's Footsteps Again
2020-04-25 Reggie Robinson Looks To Make Instant Impact
2020-04-25 Cowboys seleccionan posible ala defensiva titular
2020-04-25 QB Ben DiNucci Drafted For Backup Depth
2020-04-25 Séptima ronda: Cowboys reclutan QB Ben DiNucci 
2020-04-26 Gut Feeling: Best Day 3 Draft Pick?
2020-04-26 CowBuzz: Undrafted Rookies Expected to Sign
2020-04-26 Jerry Jones: The Best Draft Class Since 2005?
2020-04-26 Spagnola: Offense Capable Of Virtual Showtime
2020-04-27 Mailbag: Work Left To Do On The Roster?
2020-04-27 15 Undrafted Rookies Agree to Join 2020 Class
2020-04-27 15 novatos no reclutados se unen a la lista de los Cowboys
2020-04-27 Bucky Brooks: Lamb Has Hopkins-Like Traits
2020-04-27 Mexicano Isaac Alarcón firmará con los Cowboys
2020-04-27 Cowboys Add International Prospect From Mexico
2020-04-28 Mailbag: Cowboys Undrafted Rookies To Watch?
2020-04-28 Bucky Brooks: Scouting Report on Trevon Diggs
2020-04-28 5 Draft Grades: Are The Cowboys Best In Class?
2020-04-28 With McCarthy, Draft Is “Players Over System”
2020-04-29 Mailbag: How Many Draft Picks Will Start?
2020-04-29 Versatile CB Daryl Worley Agrees To Terms
2020-04-29 Cowboys llegan a un acuerdo con el CB Daryl Worley
2020-04-29 Bucky Brooks: Gallimore Has Size & Rush Ability
2020-04-29 Will McClay Deflects "MVP" Praise To Scouts
2020-04-29 Mick Shots: Warming Up Some NFL Draft Leftovers
2020-04-30 Mailbag: Could Chidobe Awuzie Play Safety?
2020-04-30 CeeDee Lamb llevará puesto el número 88
2020-04-30 CeeDee Lamb Latest Cowboys WR to Wear 88
2020-04-30 Bucky Brooks: CB Robinson Has Rare Athleticism
2020-04-30 Updates: Cowboys Waive LB Chris Covington
2020-04-30 Draft Show: Top Picks Bring Positional Shake-Ups