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Articles - January 2021

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2021-01-01 Mailbag: Biggest Concern Against The Giants?
2021-01-01 Behind The Line: Have To Stop This NYG Defender
2021-01-01 5 Claves del Juego: Cowboys vs Giants - Semana 17
2021-01-01 Spagnola: And Now On To A Brand New Year
2021-01-01 Keys to Victory: Cowboys Need D-Law & Gregory
2021-01-01 Catch-Up: From Awards, Injury Updates To Analysis
2021-01-01 Gut Feeling: Predictions For NFC East Matchups
2021-01-02 Zack Martin Activated, But Will Not Play Sunday
2021-01-03 Despite Love For Boise; OC Moore Signs Extension
2021-01-03 Kellen Moore firma extensión de contrato en Dallas
2021-01-03 GameDay Central DALvsNYG | 2020
2021-01-03 Game Recap: Season Ends with 23-19 Defeat
2021-01-03 En Acción: Cowboys vs Giants | Semana 17
2021-01-03 En Resumen: La temporada termina con derrota 23-19
2021-01-03 Jaylon Smith On Future: “Watch The Film”
2021-01-03 Why Mike McCarthy Didn’t Challenge Giants Catch
2021-01-04 Don’t Forget These 5: Passing On Two-Point Attempt
2021-01-04 Andy Dalton Will See What Future Holds
2021-01-04 Tough Loss A Microcosm For A Trying 2020 Season
2021-01-04 Scout’s Take: Red Zone, Jaylon Dilemma & More
2021-01-04 Eatman: The Bottom Line Was The Bottom Line
2021-01-04 Washington Win Finalizes Opponents, Draft Order
2021-01-04 Oponentes y orden del NFL Draft para el 2021
2021-01-04 Spagnola: This Loss Just 2020 In A Nutshell
2021-01-04 Tank On Nolan's Scheme, A Promise for 2021
2021-01-04 Stephen Jones: “This Is Dak’s Football Team”
2021-01-04 D-Law comenta sobre el esquema de Nolan
2021-01-04 Stephen Jones: "Este es el equipo de Dak"
2021-01-04 Further Review: Tough Ending To Tougher Season
2021-01-05 Reflecting On A “Uniquely Challenging Season”
2021-01-05 Mailbag: Very Early Draft View? State Of The Cap?
2021-01-05 Dak Prescott’s Injury Recovery “On Course”
2021-01-05 Leighton Vander Esch: “I’m On A Mission”
2021-01-05 Leighton Vander Esch: "Estoy en una misión"
2021-01-06 Mailbag: Changing Jaylon's Position?
2021-01-06 Lista completa de los agentes libres de los Cowboys 
2021-01-07 Mick Shots: A Long Year Comes To A Close
2021-01-07 Mailbag: Biggest Problem For The Defense?
2021-01-07 ‘I’ll Take Time:’ Lee To Ponder Football Future
2021-01-07 Amari Cooper se somete a una cirugía de tobillo
2021-01-07 How Jerry Jones Views Brand & Ratings vs. Wins
2021-01-08 Mailbag: Cowboys In Line For Comp Picks?
2021-01-08 5 Claves para la temporada baja de los Cowboys
2021-01-08 One Year In, McCarthy Confident In Team Direction
2021-01-08 5 Bucks: Cowboys’ DNA, Options At No. 10 & More
2021-01-08 Catch-Up: Recapping First Week Of 2021 Offseason
2021-01-08 Cowboys Part Ways With Mike Nolan, Jim Tomsula
2021-01-08 Cowboys anuncian la salida del coordinador defensivo Mike Nolan
2021-01-09 Spagnola: Here Is The Truth Behind 6-10
2021-01-11 Mailbag: Predicting Which FAs Come Back?
2021-01-11 DC Coordinator Candidates Include Quinn, Edwards
2021-01-11 Candidatos a coordinador defensivo de los Cowboys
2021-01-11 Dallas Cowboys Wings and Dreams Art Contest presented by Wingstop Charities | 2021 page 1 
2021-01-11 Dallas Cowboys Wings and Dreams Art Contest presented by Wingstop Charities | 2021 page 2
2021-01-11 Dallas Cowboys Wings and Dreams Art Contest presented by Wingstop Charities | 2021 page 3
2021-01-11 Quinn Surfaces As Frontrunner For DC Position
2021-01-11 Dan Quinn candidato líder para coordinador defensivo
2021-01-11 Schultz’s Emergence A Rare Bright Spot in 2020
2021-01-11 Full List Of Over 20 Cowboys Free Agents To Be
2021-01-12 Dan Quinn Agrees To Terms As Cowboys’ New DC
2021-01-12 Quinn acepta los términos como coordinador defensivo de los Cowboys
2021-01-12 Mailbag: Expectations For The Defense Now?
2021-01-12 Patriots Stumble Keeps Cowboys Record Intact
2021-01-12 5 Facts About Dan Quinn, New Cowboys DC
2021-01-12 5 datos sobre Dan Quinn, nuevo coordinador defensivo
2021-01-13 Mailbag: Cornerstones On Defense For 2021?
2021-01-13 Draft Show: Curveball From The New Coordinator?
2021-01-13 Does Aldon Smith’s Future Involve The Cowboys?
2021-01-13 Según informes, Joe Whitt Jr. se unirá al personal defensivo
2021-01-13 Thank You, Cowboys Nation | 2020 Season
2021-01-14 Mick Shots: Moving Forward While Looking Back
2021-01-14 Eagles Eyeing Kellen Moore For Head Coach Vacancy
2021-01-14 Mailbag: An Interesting Draft Hypothetical?
2021-01-14 Eagles buscan entrevistar a Moore para entrenador en jefe
2021-01-14 What Might A Dan Quinn Draft Look Like?
2021-01-14 Jaylon Smith Undergoes Wrist Surgery
2021-01-14 Jaylon Smith sometido a cirugía de muñeca
2021-01-14 5 Bucks: Quinn’s Scheme A Better Fit For Defense
2021-01-15 Mailbag: Possible Position Changes On Defense?
2021-01-15 Further Review: Best & Worst From 2020 Season
2021-01-15 Catch Up: From New Hires To Possible Departures
2021-01-15 Spagnola: Head Coach Hiring No Exact Science
2021-01-18 Mailbag: Realistic Draft Class Expectations?
2021-01-18 ‘Unlimited Potential’ For Amari After Career Year
2021-01-19 Mailbag: Finding Hope For Next Season?
2021-01-19 Rank'Em: Picking Cowboys' Top 10 Rookies of 2020
2021-01-19 Cooper, un "potencial ilimitado" luego de su mejor temporada
2021-01-19 CowBuzz: Dak Tells Zeke, ‘Hold My Crutches’
2021-01-19 Dak le dice a Zeke: "Sostén mis muletas"
2021-01-19 Kellen Moore Set To Interview For Eagles’ HC Job
2021-01-19 Moore será entrevistado para Head Coach de los Eagles
2021-01-20 Mailbag: Combine Changes Affecting The Draft?
2021-01-20 Cowboys contratarán a Durde como entrenador de D-Line
2021-01-20 Community | The Salvation Army
2021-01-20 Coaching Staff Changes Include New Strength Coach
2021-01-20 Lista de los cambios en el personal de entrenadores 
2021-01-20 Draft Show: Combine Changes, LB Value & More
2021-01-21 Mick Shots: Pulling A Whole Lot Together
2021-01-21 Mailbag: Thoughts On Brandon Knight’s Future?
2021-01-21 Rank'Em: Writers Pick Annual All-Opponent Team
2021-01-21 5 Bucks: Is Kellen Moore Ready To Be Head Coach?
2021-01-21 Cowboys Officially Announce 3 Coaching Moves
2021-01-21 Mike McCarthy Statement On Loss Of Ted Thompson
2021-01-21 Eagles optan por no contratar a Moore para entrenador en jefe
2021-01-22 Mailbag: COVID’s Effect On The Free Agent Pool?
2021-01-22 Cowboys Final 2020 Stat Leaders For 35 Categories
2021-01-22 Bajo Revisión: Lo mejor y lo peor de la temporada 2020 
2021-01-22 Catch-Up: New Hires, New Approaches & More
2021-01-22 Spagnola: ’93 NFC Title Game A Distant Memory
2021-01-25 Mailbag: Kellen Moore’s Impact On Dak?
2021-01-25 Progreso del tackle ofensivo mexicano Isaac Alarcón
2021-01-25 Senior Bowl Primer: Names To Know For Cowboys
2021-01-25 2021 Schedule Will Now Feature A Rare Occurrence
2021-01-25 Updates: 128 Players With Special Draft Eligibility
2021-01-25 What’s Next For QB: How To Handle Dak’s Deal
2021-01-26 Mailbag: Realistic Expectations For The Offseason?
2021-01-26 Defensive Identity? Dan Quinn Wants 3 Key Traits
2021-01-26 ¿Identidad defensiva? Dan Quinn quiere tres rasgos clave
2021-01-26 Rank’Em: CeeDee Lamb’s Top 10 Plays From 2020
2021-01-26 What’s Next For QB: What’s The 2021 Backup Plan? 
2021-01-27 Mailbag: Assessing Draft Needs In The Secondary
2021-01-27 Senior Bowl Notes: Figuring Out These Bama Stars
2021-01-27 3 & Out: From 6-10 To Contention? Here’s How
2021-01-27 What’s Next For QB: Time To Draft An QB Early?
2021-01-27 Jason Witten Expected To Retire With Cowboys
2021-01-27 Se espera que Jason Witten se retire con los Cowboys
2021-01-28 Mick Shots: Learning More Playoff Lessons
2021-01-28 Gracious Lady: Remembering Alicia Landry
2021-01-28 Mailbag: Salary Cap Situation Compared To Rivals?
2021-01-28 Senior Bowl Notes: Wild Card at QB & O-Line Depth
2021-01-28 What’s Next For CB: The Future For Awuzie, Lewis?
2021-01-28 Senior Bowl: Profundidad en la línea ofensiva
2021-01-28 Draft: ¿Será hora de reclutar un QB en la primera ronda?
2021-01-28 Draft Show: This Senior Bowl Has Extra Importance
2021-01-29 D-Law, Charlotte Jones Send “Heroes” To Super Bowl
2021-01-29 Mailbag: How Close Are The Cowboys To Contention?
2021-01-29 Senior Bowl Notes: Best Slot WR; Lots of RB Depth
2021-01-29 What’s Next For CB: Building Around Trevon Diggs?
2021-01-29 Catch-Up: From Quinn’s Vision To Witt’s End & More
2021-01-29 Will McClay Dissects Senior Bowl Evaluation Process
2021-01-29 Will McClay analiza el proceso de evaluación del Senior Bowl
2021-01-29 Spagnola: High Cost Of Dealing With Quarterbacks