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Articles - October 2021

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2021-10-01 Mailbag: Should Micah Parsons Play DE Full Time?
2021-10-01 Game Specs: Ways To Watch/Listen #CARvsDAL
2021-10-01 Notebook: Big Praise For Dak; Kelvin Joseph Update
2021-10-01 Gut Feeling: Staff Picks For Cowboys-Panthers
2021-10-01 Spagnola: Hot Mid-Term Exam At High Noon
2021-10-01 Prescott sólo quiere mejorar
2021-10-02 Blue Chips: Here Are The Panthers Best 8 Players
2021-10-02 Big Facts: No Place Like Home For Amari Cooper
2021-10-02 Keys To Victory: Which Team Can Strike First?
2021-10-02 5 Claves del Juego: Unos inspirados Cowboys reciben a las invictos Panthers que buscan emboscar a una ofensiva azul-plata de alto octanaje
2021-10-03 Game Recap: Cowboys Pull Away For 36-28 Win
2021-10-03 Don’t Forget These 5: Fumble That Wasn’t Called
2021-10-03 Zeke Turns In A Vintage Showing In Dominant Day
2021-10-03 Los Cowboys lucen a la ofensiva, otra vez
2021-10-03 Dallas Pass Rush Keeps Showing Off Its Depth
2021-10-04 Diggs Not Satisfied With 5 Picks: “I Need More”
2021-10-04 Eatman: This Team Starting To Make Some “Since”
2021-10-04 Game Notes: Dak’s Balance, New Fullback & More
2021-10-04 Spagnola: Offense Becoming Highly Irresistible
2021-10-04 Optimism On Keanu Neal & Others For Week 5
2021-10-04 Further Review: Sacks, Turnovers & The Victory
2021-10-04 Rank’Em: Give Game Balls To These 10 Cowboys
2021-10-05 Mailbag: In Game Decisions? Player Management?
2021-10-05 Chauncey Golston Making Up For Lost Time
2021-10-05 Big Picture: 5 Storylines for Cowboys & Giants
2021-10-05 3 & Out: Inside The Defense’s Transformation
2021-10-06 Cowboys Decide To Release LB Jaylon Smith
2021-10-06 Why Now, And What Comes Next At Linebacker?
2021-10-06 Trevon Diggs Picks Up Another NFL Award 
2021-10-06 Mailbag: What Is Jaylon Smith’s Cowboy Legacy?
2021-10-06 Los Cowboys cortaron a Jaylon Smith
2021-10-06 McCarthy: Jaylon's Release A "Big Picture" Move
2021-10-06 5 Bucks: Dak Needs To Be In MVP Conversation
2021-10-06 For Cowboys’ LBs, A Harsh Business Reminder
2021-10-06 Notes: Zeke’s Memory, Neal Back & College Rivals 
2021-10-06 Mick Shots: More Reasons Than Meet The Eye
2021-10-07 Jaylon Smith Expected To Sign With Packers
2021-10-07 Mailbag: Money Saved If Jaylon Signs Elsewhere?
2021-10-07 Blue Chips: Here Are The Giants Best 8 Players
2021-10-07 Helman: On Dak & The Value Of The Narrative
2021-10-07 El juego sigue para la defensa
2021-10-07 Notes: Dak Hits Fast Forward; Golston's Start & More
2021-10-07 Diggs Getting Respect; But Will He Get More Passes?
2021-10-08 Mailbag: Kellen Moore’s Future? Grier Update?
2021-10-08 Game Specs: Ways To Watch/Listen To #NYGvsDAL
2021-10-08 364 Days Later, Dak Is Looking Better Than Ever
2021-10-08 Gut Feeling: Staff Picks For Cowboys-Giants
2021-10-08 Spagnola: Must Start Cutting Down On Big Chunks
2021-10-08 Keys To Victory: Keeping It “Clean” Is A Must
2021-10-08 Big Facts: The Parsons-Barkley Connection & More
2021-10-09 5 Claves del Juego: Los Cowboys vuelan alto rumbo a la fatídica quinta jornada ante su viejo rival estos Giants edición 2021
2021-10-09 Olvida Dak el pasado; vive gran presente
2021-10-11 Game Recap: Cowboys Dominate Giants, 44-20
2021-10-11 Don’t Forget These 5: Near Pick Turns Into TD
2021-10-11 Often Overlooked, Hard To Ignore Anthony Brown
2021-10-11 Even For This Team, Run Game Is On A Rare Roll
2021-10-11 364 Days Later, Dak Finds Closure On 2020 Injury
2021-10-11 Eatman: Only Seen 1 Other Corner Play Like Diggs
2021-10-11 Game Notes: Cee-Deep Ball, Swipe For Jaylon?
2021-10-11 Los Cowboys cumplen con el tercero en fila
2021-10-11 Spagnola: On The Way To Picking Off History
2021-10-11 Further Review: Bullying The Struggling Giants
2021-10-11 Rank'Em: Dak Leads Top 10 Players vs. NYG Sunday
2021-10-11 Once A Receiver, Diggs Reflects On Switch To DB
2021-10-12 How Diggs Impressed Quinn; More From Monday
2021-10-12 Mailbag: Cowboys Still Peaking? Try Diggs At WR?
2021-10-12 Cleaning Up The QB-Center Exchange?
2021-10-12 Big Picture: 5 Storylines for Cowboys & Patriots
2021-10-12 3 & Out: Kellen Moore’s A Man Of His Word
2021-10-12 5 Bucks: Zeke Needs His Respect; Replacing Jaylon
2021-10-13 Mailbag: Tough Roster Decisions Ahead?
2021-10-13 Kelvin Joseph Expected To Return To Practice
2021-10-13 Power Rankings: Cowboys Moving Towards The Top
2021-10-13 Notes: Quinn Takes A Helmet; Super Goals & More
2021-10-13 Feeling Sore, But Zeke’s Hard Work Paying Off
2021-10-14 Mick Shots: Don’t Start Counting Your Chickens
2021-10-14 Corre Zeke Elliott como nunca
2021-10-14 Se pone el casco Dan Quinn
2021-10-14 Mailbag: Not Afraid Of Third-And-Long Anymore? 
2021-10-14 Aikman Compares Diggs To Facing Deion in 1990s
2021-10-14 Helman: Reveling In The Fun Of Kellen Moore
2021-10-14 Blue Chips: Identifying New England’s Best Players
2021-10-14 How Quinn Groomed Parsons To Play “Reckless”
2021-10-14 Notes: Kazee Update, Dak Keeping Focus; More
2021-10-15 Desagradan a Troy Aikman comparaciones con Deion
2021-10-15 Reportan a Tyron Smith con molestias de cuello
2021-10-15 Mailbag: Four 1,000-Yard Players On Offense?
2021-10-15 Game Specs: How to Watch/Listen to #DALvsNE
2021-10-15 Tyron Smith’s MRI Results On Neck "Favorable"
2021-10-15 Notes: Trevon Diggs’ Injury Status; More
2021-10-15 Big Facts: Haven’t Scored a TD vs. NE In 10 Years
2021-10-15 Spagnola: Need To Throw Fastballs By Belichick
2021-10-15 Gut Feeling: Staff Picks For Cowboys-Patriots
2021-10-15 Decidirán por Diggs y Smith el domingo
2021-10-16 Oportunidad de por fin ganar
2021-10-16 5 Claves del Juego: Cowboys vs Patriots - Semana 6
2021-10-18 Game Recap: Cowboys Win Overtime Thriller, 35-29
2021-10-18 En Acción: Cowboys vs Patriots | Semana 6
2021-10-18 Don’t Forget These 5: How Losing Coin Toss Helped
2021-10-18 Dak sobre lesión de pantorrilla: "Estaré bien"
2021-10-18 Diggs Strikes Again In Wild Fourth-Quarter Sequence
2021-10-18 Trabajan Cowboys extra para ganar 
2021-10-18 Fine Timing For CeeDee Lamb’s Finest Moment
2021-10-18 Game Notes: Tyron’s Status, Block Party & More
2021-10-18 Another Relentless Game From Randy Gregory
2021-10-18 Eatman: Cowboys Turned This Into A Beautiful Mess
2021-10-18 Dak’s Confidence Shows In More Ways Than One
2021-10-18 Dak To Get MRI Monday For Calf Injury
2021-10-18 Spagnola: Maybe This Team Is Superhuman
2021-10-18 Further Review: A Nail-Biter In New England
2021-10-18 Cowboys “Optimistic” Dak Won’t Miss Game Action
2021-10-18 Rank’Em: Picking The Top 10 Players From Sunday
2021-10-18 Cowboys "optimistas" que Dak no perderá acción de juego
2021-10-19 Mailbag: In-Game Decisions? Red Zone Issues?
2021-10-19 “A Great Situation” With La’el Collins Returning
2021-10-19 Where Do Injury Concerns Stand At The Bye Week?
2021-10-19 "Una gran situación" con el regreso de La’el Collins
2021-10-19 Dak Prescott Encourages All to "Ask 4 Help"
2021-10-19 Power Rankings: Dallas A Consensus Top-5 Team
2021-10-19 Damontae Kazee Arrested, Charged With DWI
2021-10-19 Damontae Kazee arrestado, acusado de DWI
2021-10-20 Dak Named NFC Offensive Player of the Week
2021-10-20 Mailbag: Future Of The WR Corps? OT Depth?
2021-10-20 Where Has Terence Steele Improved Most In Year 2?
2021-10-20 ¿Qué ha mejorado Terence Steele en su segundo año?
2021-10-20 Mick Shots: Always A Good Time For The Bye
2021-10-21 Mailbag: Wildcat QB? Give Cam Newton A Call?
2021-10-21 How Can The Defense Limit Explosive Passing?
2021-10-21 5 Claves del Juego: Cowboys al descanso obligado en la cima
2021-10-22 Mailbag: Explaining The Waivers Situation
2021-10-22 Randy Gregory Earns NFL’s “Way To Play” Award
2021-10-22 Big Facts: Dak Perfect in OT; History Of 5-1 Records
2021-10-22 Spagnola: Welcoming The Unexpected Surprises  
2021-10-22 Jones: Un "problema mayor" que la fecha límite de canje
2021-10-22 CowBuzz: The Cowboys’ MVP Connection
2021-10-25 Mailbag: Assessing Micah Parsons’ Progress?
2021-10-25 Rank'Em: Listing Top 15 Cowboys So Far This Year
2021-10-25 Cowboys Benefit From More Mature, Skilled Kearse
2021-10-25 La’el Collins Is Back; Will He Start Sunday?
2021-10-25 Optimism About Dak’s Calf At Start Of Week 8
2021-10-25 Optimismo alrededor de la lesión de Dak
2021-10-26 Mailbag: Real Trade Expectations? O-Line Rotation?
2021-10-26 Jerry Feels “Very Good” About Dak’s Chances 
2021-10-26 De vuelta al campo con una gran meta 
2021-10-26 Big Picture: 5 Storylines For Cowboys & Vikings
2021-10-26 Tickets To WrestleMania 38 Available Nov. 12
2021-10-26 Power Rankings: Cowboys Hold Ground During Bye
2021-10-26 Veteran Coach Compares Parsons To Legendary LBs 
2021-10-26 3 & Out: Dak, The Red Zone & The Run Defense
2021-10-27 Mailbag: Biggest Surprises Of The Season So Far?
2021-10-27 McCarthy Outlines Practice Plan For Dak Prescott
2021-10-27 McCarthy: La’el Collins To Work At Tackle & Guard
2021-10-27 Osa Odighizuwa's "Fast" Development Into Starter
2021-10-27 Notes: Gregory’s Knee, Dak’s Chances; More
2021-10-27 A Look Back At CeeDee’s Incredible TD vs. Vikings
2021-10-27 McCarthy: La’el Collins trabajará como tackle & guardia
2021-10-28 Mick Shots: No Huge Surprises & A Jerry Tale
2021-10-28 Mailbag: La’el Collins’ Role & ‘Best 5’ Approach?
2021-10-28 5 Bucks: Best Spot For La’el Collins Might Be Guard
2021-10-28 Helman: Diving Into The Weeds Of An OL Shuffle
2021-10-28 Dak: Trying To Give Myself The Best Chance
2021-10-28 Notes: Steele’s Approach; Contender Mentality; More
2021-10-28 Dak: Tratando de darse la mejor oportunidad
2021-10-28 Amari Cooper Rested And Healthy After Bye Week
2021-10-29 Mailbag: Impact On Offense When Gallup Returns?
2021-10-29 5 Claves del juego: Cowboys vs Vikings - Semana 8
2021-10-29 Game Specs: Ways To Watch/Listen #DALvsMIN
2021-10-29 Cowboys Likely To Take Dak Decision Into Weekend
2021-10-29 Blue Chips: The Best Players On Vikings Roster
2021-10-29 Cowboys aún no toman decisión sobre Dak 
2021-10-29 “No Regrets,” But La’el Collins Ready To Help
2021-10-29 Spagnola: Perfect Time For A Defensive Treat
2021-10-29 Gut Feeling: Staff Picks For Cowboys-Vikings
2021-10-29 Big Facts: Every Road Game Decided On Final Play
2021-10-30 Keys To Victory: How Cowboys Get A “W” Sunday