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Articles - October 2020

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2020-10-01 Mick Shots: Who’d A Thought It’s Already October
2020-10-01 Mailbag: Is Dak Running Enough?
2020-10-01 Zeke “Bothered” By Last Game; Not Ready To Panic
2020-10-01 McCarthy: Tyron Smith Will Practice Thursday
2020-10-01 Writer’s Blocks: On Centers, Covid & Clayborn
2020-10-01 Se acerca el regreso de Smith; D-Law sigue siendo monitoreado
2020-10-01 Better Communication Will Be Key For Cowboys
2020-10-01 Here’s What Dak & The Offense Want To Clean Up
2020-10-01 Big Facts: 4 100-Yard Receivers is Franchise Record
2020-10-02 UnitedHealthcare Team Up To Serve PAGE 2 | 2020
2020-10-02 5 Claves del Juego: Browns vs Cowboys - Semana 4
2020-10-02 Mailbag: Finding Snaps For Pollard?
2020-10-02 Tyron Smith “On Track To Play” Against Browns
2020-10-02 Behind The Line: Watch Out For The “Other” RB
2020-10-02 How to Watch/Listen To Cowboys-Browns Sunday
2020-10-02 Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Browns
2020-10-02 Spagnola: Who Would Have Thought This Possible
2020-10-02 Catch-Up: Recapping This Week’s Trendy Headlines
2020-10-04 Signs Pointing To Hip Surgery For La’el Collins
2020-10-04 Señales apuntan a una cirugía de cadera para La'el Collins
2020-10-04 En Acción: Browns vs Cowboys | Semana 4
2020-10-04 Game Recap: Cowboys Fall In Shootout, 49-38
2020-10-04 First TD Is Bittersweet Moment For CeeDee Lamb
2020-10-04 En Resumen: 38 puntos insuficientes para Dallas
2020-10-04 Don’t Forget These 5: Costly Face Mask Penalty
2020-10-04 McCarthy: “Unacceptable” Pattern In First 4 Games
2020-10-04 Dallas Defense Suffers Through Historic Day
2020-10-04 Video-Game Stats Mean Nothing To Dak Prescott
2020-10-05 Eatman: Defense Forcing Dak, Offense To Be Perfect
2020-10-05 Scout’s Take: Pointing Fingers Starts With Players
2020-10-05 Mailbag: What Happened Against The Run?
2020-10-05 Spagnola: High Time To Stop All This Absurdity
2020-10-05 Stephen Jones: "Todos tenemos que ser mejores"
2020-10-05 Further Review: Closer Look at Sunday’s Setback
2020-10-06 McCarthy: We Don't Have An Effort Issue
2020-10-06 Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Nation | 2020
2020-10-06 Mailbag: Offense As Explosive As Stats Suggest?
2020-10-06 Looney Out With MCL; Collins Headed For Surgery
2020-10-06 Looney fuera por un tiempo; Collins camino a cirugía
2020-10-06 Cowboys Coaches Firmly Believe In Jaylon Smith
2020-10-06 Cambios en la lista: Cowboys liberan a Brandon Carr
2020-10-06 National Medal of Honor Museum Unveils Design
2020-10-06 5 Bucks: Defensive Identity? McCarthy’s Stamp, More
2020-10-07 Mailbag: Best Identity For The Offense?
2020-10-07 Big Picture: Garrett’s Return Among 5 Storylines  
2020-10-07 3 & Out: The Truth About This 1-3 Start
2020-10-07 Practice Report: Gregory Returns; LVE Closer?
2020-10-07 Dallas Defense Aiming To Get On The Same Page
2020-10-07 Cowboys Crosstalk Schedule | 2020
2020-10-07 Mick Shots: There Has To Be A Sunny-Side Up
2020-10-07 Zeke on Fumbles: I Can’t Give Up The Ball Anymore
2020-10-08 Mailbag: Help Coming Soon On Defense?
2020-10-08 McCarthy: Vander Esch Is “Ahead Of Schedule”
2020-10-08 Writer’s Blocks: Why Dwayne Haskins Scares Me
2020-10-08 Practice Report: Tyron “Further Back” This Week
2020-10-08 Tyron’s Status For Rest of Season is “Big Question”
2020-10-08 Jaylon Smith: It’s On Us To Find Our Identity
2020-10-08 Tyron Smith podría estar fuera por el resto de la temporada
2020-10-08 Behind The Line: What Can Jason Garrett Dial Up?
2020-10-09 Mailbag: What’s The Solution On The O-Line?
2020-10-09 5 Claves del Juego: Giants vs Cowboys - Semana 5
2020-10-09 Tyron Smith To Have Season-Ending Surgery
2020-10-09 Smith será sometido a cirugía que pondrá fin a su temporada
2020-10-09 Big Facts: From 1-3 To Playoffs Has Occurred Once
2020-10-09 Cowboys Hope Tyron Will Be “Good To Go” In 2021
2020-10-09 Keys To Victory: Cowboys Need To Keep It “Clean” 
2020-10-09 Spagnola: The Unpredictable Predictable In 2020
2020-10-09 Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Giants
2020-10-09 Catch-Up: All The Major Headlines From The Week
2020-10-09 How to Watch/Listen To Cowboys-Giants Sunday
2020-10-11 Dak Prescott sufre grave lesión en el tobillo
2020-10-12 Game Recap: Cowboys Take Dramatic Win, 37-34
2020-10-12 Don’t Forget These 5: Giants Have 2 TDs Negated
2020-10-12 En Resumen: Una victoria llena de emociones 
2020-10-12 Scout’s Take: CeeDee Lamb Is Good As Advertised
2020-10-12 CowBuzz: Icons From All Sports Give Love #4Dak
2020-10-12 Jerry Jones Releases Statement On Dak Prescott
2020-10-12 Dallas Defense Stands Up In Final Moments
2020-10-12 ‘Great Confidence’ In Andy Dalton To Lead Huddle
2020-10-12 Eatman: Good Luck Trying to Figure This Team Out
2020-10-12 Surgery For Dak Prescott After Compound Fracture
2020-10-12 Cowboys dolidos por la pérdida de su líder Dak 
2020-10-12 Dak Prescott tuvo una cirugía exitosa
2020-10-12 Spagnola: Agony Dampens The Thrill Of Victory
2020-10-12 Jones: Dak “Our Future,” Full Recovery Expected
2020-10-12 Stephen Jones: Dak es "nuestro futuro"
2020-10-12 Trysten Hill’s Season Over After ACL Injury
2020-10-12 Further Review: Closer Look at Cowboys Wild Win
2020-10-12 Tackle defensivo Trysten Hill fuera por el resto del año
2020-10-13 McCarthy: Dak Will Challenge Any Timeline
2020-10-13 Cowboys Expected To Sign QB Garrett Gilbert
2020-10-13 Se espera que los Cowboys firmen al QB Garrett Gilbert
2020-10-13 Mailbag: Contract Ramifications For Dak?
2020-10-13 Jerry Jones: Dak Should Be Ready To Go By May
2020-10-13 Michael Gallup Showing Off The Clutch Trait
2020-10-13 Zuerlein’s Journey: From Walk-On To “Greg the Leg”  
2020-10-13 Jones: Dak debería estar listo para regresar en mayo
2020-10-13 Big Picture: 5 Storylines for Cowboys & Cardinals
2020-10-13 5 Bucks: Keep Feeding Zeke, Time To Blitz & More
2020-10-14 Mailbag: Easiest Rookie Transitions? Outside Help? 
2020-10-14 3 & Out: Without Dak, What Are Expectations?
2020-10-14 Dallas Will Need Discipline To Slow Murray
2020-10-14 Mick Shots: These QBs Continue To Take A Beating
2020-10-15 Mailbag: Early Impressions Of Tyler Biadasz?
2020-10-15 Behind The Line: Can Hopkins & Murray Be Stopped?
2020-10-15 Practice Report: More Progress From Vander Esch
2020-10-15 Writer’s Blocks: Seven Big Thoughts About No. 4
2020-10-15 With Dak Injured, Cowboys Plan To ‘Fight For Him’
2020-10-15 Randy Gregory Looks “Lights Out” At Practice
2020-10-15 Randy Gregory se luce en la práctica del jueves
2020-10-15 Stephen Jones Says “Defense is Coming Around”
2020-10-16 Mailbag: Whose Return Would Be Biggest?
2020-10-16 5 Claves del Juego: Cardinals vs Cowboys - Semana 6
2020-10-16 Big Facts: Last 6 Wins Over AZ From 6 Different QBs
2020-10-16 Star Scholars | 2020
2020-10-16 Cowboys Class Acts | 2020
2020-10-16 Andy Dalton Unfazed By The Starting Spotlight
2020-10-16 Spagnola: Andy Of Katy Not Your Typical Backup
2020-10-17 Catch-Up: Reviewing This Week’s Top Headlines
2020-10-17 Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Cardinals
2020-10-18 Lamb: Whoever Is QB, “A Spark Can Happen"
2020-10-18 Keys to Victory: Must Keep Murray In The Pocket
2020-10-19 How to Watch/Listen To Cowboys-Cardinals
2020-10-19 Vander Esch To Active Roster, DT Added & Dak To IR   
2020-10-19 Cowboys mueven a Vander Esch a la lista activa, Dak a IR
2020-10-20 Game Recap: Cowboys Fall on Monday Night, 38-10
2020-10-20 En Acción: Cardinals vs Cowboys | Semana 6
2020-10-20 Don’t Forget These 5: Dropped TD Before Halftime
2020-10-20 Zeke: I Need To Be Better, This One Is On Me
2020-10-20 Cowboys’ “Continuing Issue” Frustrates McCarthy
2020-10-20 En Resumen: Cowboys pierden en lunes por la noche, 38-10
2020-10-20 Dallas Defense Looking For Answers Once Again
2020-10-20 Eatman: Hard To Find Silver Lining After This Game
2020-10-20 Dalton After First Start: “I’ve Got To Be Better”
2020-10-20 Scout’s Take: Major Need For Speed On Defense
2020-10-20 Spagnola: Better Hope They’ve Hit Rock Bottom
2020-10-20 Jerry Jones: “We Just Got Outplayed” By Arizona
2020-10-20 Big Picture: 5 Storylines for Dallas & Washington
2020-10-20 Randy Gregory a la lista activa, Cowboys cortan WR y DB
2020-10-21 More O-Line Woes: Brandon Knight Has Knee Surgery
2020-10-21 Otro golpe ofensivo: Tackle Brandon Knight sometido a cirugía 
2020-10-21 Further Review: What Went Wrong vs. Arizona
2020-10-21 McCarthy Unfazed By Reports Of Frustration
2020-10-21 Mailbag: Assessing The Defense After Six Games?
2020-10-21 McCarthy responde a los informes de frustración
2020-10-21 Sean Lee Practicing Again; Timetable For Games?
2020-10-21 Zeke Apologizes To Team; Promises To Fix Issues
2020-10-21 Sean Lee regresa a las prácticas del equipo
2020-10-21 Zeke se disculpa con el equipo; Promete solucionar problemas
2020-10-21 3 & Out: It’s Quite A Thin Line At 2-4
2020-10-21 Cowboys Vets: No Finger Pointing, Just Focus
2020-10-21 Mick Shots: All I Got To Say About That Today
2020-10-22 Mailbag: Challenges For Teams With New Staffs?
2020-10-22 Writer’s Blocks: Anatomy Of A Crippled Roster
2020-10-22 5 Bucks: Finger pointing, Missing Dak & Zeke’s Funk
2020-10-22 Practice Report: Aldon Working Through Neck Issue
2020-10-22 Behind The Line: Challenge of Facing a “Superhero”
2020-10-22 Andy Dalton Benefiting From Another Week Of Reps
2020-10-22 “Complete Confidence” In Coaches To Rally
2020-10-23 Mailbag: Another Option At Safety?
2020-10-23 Connor Williams Takes On New Veteran Role
2020-10-23 5 Claves del Juego: Cowboys vs Washington - Semana 7
2020-10-23 Big Facts: D-Law Ranks Fourth in NFL in Win-Rate
2020-10-23 Catch-Up: Biggest Headlines From This Short Week
2020-10-23 Keys to Victory: Cowboys Will Win This Game If ...
2020-10-23 Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Washington
2020-10-23 Spagnola: This Defense Needs To Step Right Up
2020-10-24 How to Watch/Listen To Dallas-Washington
2020-10-24 Randy Gregory Returns Sunday After Long Layoff
2020-10-25 Game Recap: Cowboys Lose At Washington, 25-3
2020-10-25 Don’t Forget These 5: Tone Was Set On First Play
2020-10-25 Update On Andy Dalton After Dangerous Hit 
2020-10-25 En Resumen: Cowboys pierden en Washington, 25-3
2020-10-25 Cowboys Befuddled By Non-Response To Bostic Hit
2020-10-25 Estado de Andy Dalton tras golpe peligroso
2020-10-25 McCarthy: No “Candy Coating It” After 25-3 Loss
2020-10-25 McCarthy: Replacing DC Hasn’t Crossed My Mind
2020-10-25 Eatman: Flat From The Start; Flattened By The End  
2020-10-26 Scouts’s Take: O-Line Dominated In The Trenches
2020-10-26 Spagnola: Plain & Simple, Just Not Good Enough
2020-10-26 Further Review: Dissecting The Washington Debacle
2020-10-26 Jones Undeterred By 2-5: ‘It’s Going To Take Time’
2020-10-26 Stephen Jones: "Esto va a tomar tiempo"
2020-10-26 Dalton in Protocol; Key Veterans Return This Week
2020-10-26 Dalton en protocolo; Veteranos clave regresan esta semana
2020-10-27 Burning Questions Persist For Dallas Defense
2020-10-27 Mailbag: Biggest Concern Moving Forward?
2020-10-27 Jerry Jones: “I’ve Got My Man” In Mike McCarthy
2020-10-27 Jerry Jones Expecting To “Change Some Personnel”
2020-10-27 Cowboys Deal Everson Griffen To Detroit
2020-10-27 Big Picture: 5 Storylines for Cowboys & Eagles
2020-10-27 Cowboys canjean a Everson Griffen en un acuerdo con Detroit
2020-10-28 Mailbag: More Trades Coming? Pass For McCarthy?
2020-10-28 Kane Brown To Perform Thanksgiving Halftime Show
2020-10-28 5 Bucks: Trade Opens Door For Gregory & Anae
2020-10-28 DiNucci's 10-Month Journey Has Been Full Circle
2020-10-28 Injury Status Of Andy Dalton, Other Key Players
2020-10-28 3 & Out: More Changes? How About These 3 Areas
2020-10-28 More House Cleaning; Cowboys Cut Poe & Worley
2020-10-28 Zeke: Current Situation Is "2020 Summed Up"
2020-10-28 Cowboys Expected To Add Former QB Cooper Rush
2020-10-28 Mick Shots: Nothing Is Free About Free Agency
2020-10-28 Cowboys cortan a los veteranos Daryl Worley & Dontari Poe
2020-10-28 Se espera que los Cowboys vuelvan a firmar al QB Cooper Rush
2020-10-29 Mailbag: Who Stands To Get More Playing Time?
2020-10-29 Writer’s Blocks: Don’t Call It A Fire Sale
2020-10-29 Practice Report: Dalton Update; Xavier Woods Back
2020-10-29 DiNucci Gets Advice From Dak Before Practice
2020-10-29 DiNucci recibe consejos de Dak antes de la práctica
2020-10-29 Big Facts: DiNucci’s Last Start Was Just 4 Miles Away
2020-10-30 5 Claves del Juego: Cowboys vs Eagles - Semana 8
2020-10-30 Mailbag: Position Switch For Jaylon Smith?
2020-10-30 Sounding Less Likely Andy Dalton Starts Sunday
2020-10-30 Behind the Line: Fletcher Cox Can Wreck The Game
2020-10-30 Catch-Up: From Tabasco to DiNucci to Roster Moves 
2020-10-30 Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Eagles
2020-10-30 Spagnola: Let’s See What This Rookie Can Do
2020-10-31 Dalton Ruled Out vs. Philly; 2 Veterans Activated
2020-10-31 Keys to Victory: How Cowboys Can Get This Win  
2020-10-31 Sean Lee & Joe Looney activados; Andy Dalton descartado